Peter Fray: from editor-in-chief to adjunct professor

18 March 2013

Peter Fray
Peter Fray: "It's a pretty exciting time in the media space, and I think the academy has a big role to play in redefining the future."

Peter Fray, former publisher of The Sydney Morning Herald, has been appointed an adjunct professor in the Department of Media and Communications (MECO) in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

During the year Fray will undertake research in collaboration with the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (IDHR), participate in a combination of public events, deliver lectures and mentor postgraduate MECO students.

Fray is a respected journalist who has worked across the areas of politics, religion, food security, science, the environment, international affairs and agriculture. In his 28-year career he has been the editor or editor-in-chief of four metropolitan mastheads, including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times and The Sunday Age.

Revolutionary developments in mobile digital technology, social media and the internet have caused upheavals in print journalism during the past 10 years, forcing both leading newspaper publishers in Australia to undertake major restructuring.

"It's a pretty exciting time in the media space," Fray said, "and I think the academy has a big role to play in redefining the future.

"The university is the perfect place to broaden and deepen my many projects, especially those in the media/politics space."

In 2010 Fray spent six months at the University where, as the First Decade Fellow in MECO, he researched the role of the editor in the digital media landscape.

He aims to build on this research and extend it into the area of media and democracy, working alongside colleague Professor John Keane, the globally renowned democracy expert, Director of IDHR and author of numerous books including The Life and Death of Democracy.

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