Dr. Richard Miles uncovers the secret history of archaeology in new BBC series

1 May 2013

Dr Richard Miles from our Department of Classics and Ancient History is the host of the new show Archaeology: A Secret History, which premiered on BBC Four in the UK last night. Part of the respected channel's 'Archaeology Season', the series sees Dr Miles on a quest to understand our ancient past by exploring the relics and ruins that hold its mysteries.

The first installment of this three part show traced archaeology back to its very beginnings, and saw Dr Miles travel to a German museum where the remains of the first Neanderthal man are kept.

Throughout the series, Dr Miles also had the chance to explore some almost untouched places, including the original ancient rock tunnels that led to the ruins of Herculaneum, which were first trodden nearly 300 years ago.

'Filming the series was an amazing experience," says Dr Miles, "taking us from the jungles of southern Mexico to Scandinavian peat bogs.

"It has definitely given me a massive respect for the pioneers of archaeology who braved wars, bankruptcy, disease and attacks from both the political and church authorities to develop archaeology into the discipline that it is today," he says.

"I will never complain again!'

To read more about Dr Richard Miles' exploration of Herculaneum, see his account here.

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