Dr David Suzuki to address environmental challenges in the Great Hall

24 September 2013

Dr David Suzuki
Dr David Suzuki

Dr David Suzuki, one of the world's most respected environmental activists, will be speaking at the Great Hall tomorrow evening in a special event co-presented by the newly launched Sydney Environment Institute and Sydney Ideas.

In his lecture, titled The Challenge of the 21st Century: Setting the Real Bottom Line, Dr Suzuki will discuss how science is now authenticating what traditional people have been saying for centuries - that we are all biological beings with a critical dependence on clean air, water, soil and sunlight for our well-being.

Dr Suzuki, Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia, will also offer a new set of 'bottom-line' priorities that can be adopted to ensure the diversity needed for life in the 21st Century is sustained.

This lecture is one of the first public events for Sydney Environment Institute (SEI), which launched earlier this month. Co-Director Professor David Schlosberg sees the work of Dr Suzuki as aligning with some of the fundamental aims of this cross-disciplinary group.

"The Sydney Environment Institute has been founded to address two key questions: How do we understand and redesign the fundamental relationship between human communities and the natural world that sustains them? And how can people and societies adapt positively and constructively to environmental change?" he says.

"David Suzuki has been addressing these same questions for decades. In addition, his work serves as a model for how to bring academic environmental study out into the larger community - something else the SEI is dedicated to. We are very happy to host him just a week after our official launch at the University of Sydney."

The timing of his visit also coincides with a reignited environmental debate in light of the change of government this month.

"We should all thank him for being here at exactly this moment to add to the voices criticising the new government's first moves on environmental policy - that it is unacceptable that knowledge about climate change and its social and economic impacts will not be supported and heard," says Professor Schlosberg.


What: The Challenge of the 21st Century: Setting the Real Bottom Line

When: 6:00pm - 7:30pm, Wednesday 25 September

Where: The Great Hall, The Quadrangle, The University of Sydney

Cost: Free, registration required

RSVP: this event is fully booked.

*Please note that Dr David Suzuki is no longer available for further media on this visit*

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