Dr Susan Banki awarded for outstanding teaching

8 November 2013

Congratulations to Dr Susan Banki from the Department of Sociology and Social Policy for receiving the 2013 Vice-Chancellor's Early Career Award for Outstanding Teaching at a graduation ceremony held today, Friday 8 November.

These awards are given in recognition of staff who make outstanding and distinctive contributions to teaching at the University. They promote, recognise and reward excellence in learning and teaching and reflect the University's commitment to providing a high quality learning environment for our students.

The award recognises Dr Banki's exceptional teaching, including her forward-thinking curriculum design and the thoughtful way she communicates with students. She is dedicated to contributing to the 'intellectual growth' of her students but has managed to accomplish much more than that; her approach to teaching also contributes to growth of character.

Dr Banki was honoured to win the award and says "I consider teaching a privilege - that I have the chance to help shape the critical thinking skills of the next generation, future leaders, activists, scholars - and I am really pleased to have my efforts and work recognised in such a prestigious forum."