MECO alumna Sarah Whyte wins Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism

3 December 2013

Sarah Whyte
MECO alumna Sarah Whyte wins Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) Alumna Sarah Whyte was awarded the 2013 Walkley Award for Social Equity Journalism last Friday.

Sarah, who is the consumer affairs reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald, was honoured for the series entitled "Made in Bangladesh: Unpicking the human price of global fashion", which she wrote with her colleague, South Asia correspondent Ben Doherty who shared in the award.

Following the collapse of the Rana Plaza in April, the pair produced the series, which investigated and exposed the horrific working conditions in the garment manufacturing industry in Bangladesh.

Despite workers who were reluctant to speak out, and the unwillingness of the Australian brands who use the factories to allow access, Sarah and Ben were relentless. They explored the consequences of closing down Australian run factories, given that the industry employs "4 million poor people, mostly women with little or no education and no other real job prospects."

To read more about Sarah Whyte and Ben Doherty's three part series on the Bangladeshi garment industry, please visit the Walkley Foundation website.

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