Future Leaders Scholarship Scheme

31 January 2014

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is excited to announce a new scholarship, aimed at students with potential to contribute to society. The Future Leaders Scholarship Scheme is being introduced in time for the start of semester 1 2014.

The scholarship scheme, funded by alumni and friends of the faculty was developed to support and encourage current students in 'making a difference for the public good'. "This scheme - generously supported by a wide range of donors - is aimed at providing our best students with the opportunity to develop their leadership and community building qualities and skills alongside their academic ones. We want to help produce not only outstanding students in our disciplines but passionate and public-spirited global citizens," said Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Duncan Ivison.

Undergraduate students in an arts and social sciences program who have demonstrated dedication to university/community work at a national or international level are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. Professor Ivison envisages candidates for the scholarship scheme to include those 'who are passionate about their studies, but who also want to make a positive difference in their community - whether that is local, regional, national or global".

The scholarship is open to both domestic and international students with an annual value of $6,000AUD. "The faculty has a proud tradition of educating outstanding leaders in Australia and the world - including prime ministers, community activists, writers, poets, and human rights advocates, among others - and this scheme is meant to help support and carry on that tradition" said Professor Ivison.

If you would like to apply for this scholarship, please click on the following Scholarships and Financial Assistance page.

Applications Close 7 March 2014.