Professor blazes trail with political science honour

6 May 2014

Professor Pippa Norris is the 2014 winner of the Karl Deutsch Award, a prestigious prize awarded once every three years by the International Political Science Association (IPSA).

Professor Norris has described the award as "a tremendous and unexpected honour."

Professor Norris's selection by the IPSA also marks a little piece of history for the Karl Deutsch Award: she is its first female recipient.

The Karl Deutsch Award is a peak international prize in comparative politics and political science. The prize, named after an eminent Czech-born but US-based political scientist who died in 1992, recognizes a prominent scholar engaged in cross-disciplinary research in political science.

A political scientist and public speaker, Professor Norris' research compares elections and public opinion, political communications, and gender politics. She will receive her honour after a lecture at IPSA World Congress in Montreal, Canada, in July. She will also present at the congress, under a topic echoing title of her new book, Why Electoral Integrity Matters.

Professor Norris directs the Electoral Integrity Project (EIP), a joint research project based at the University of Sydney and Harvard University. The EIP recently released its annual report, comparing the risks of flawed and failed elections and investigating how countries meet global standards.

Professor Norris is also a recipient of the Australian Research Council Laureate Award and the 2011 Johan Skytte Prize. She has previously served as Director of the Democratic Governance Group in the United Nations' Development Programme, and as an expert consultant to international organizations such as the World Bank, the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

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