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3 June 2014

Nicola Bauman
Nicola Bauman

BA Honours student, Nicola Bauman has returned from the Global Voices delegation to the OECD Forum in Paris and filed a special report for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

"In May 2014, I attended the 2014 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Forum as a delegate from the University of Sydney and Global Voices.

"With its theme Resilient economies for more inclusive societies, this year's forum explored three central concepts of growth, inclusivity and trust.

"The conference itself had a fantastic energy. Three different amphitheatres, colour coded as the green, blue and red rooms held keynote addresses, panels and interactive 'ideafactory' sessions.

"Topics ranged from the sharing economy, to food sustainability, green growth issues, the digital economy and international trade and investment.

"Technology played a key role in the forum. I regularly tweeted questions to panel members and followed online comments and interactions closely which was a great way to engage with the many experts and policymakers in attendance.

"One highlight of the Forum was the OECD's launch of its new Southeast Asia Regional Programme. This panel brought together ministers, political leaders and thinkers from the region and notably involved much discussion of a new path towards increased ASEAN economic integration.

"Another highlight was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit and keynote address during the 60th anniversary year of Japanese membership to the OECD. Abe highlighted the importance of the OECD as a place of international policymaking. He discussed its critical role in promoting fairness and defining rules in the international trading system.

"This delegation was a fantastic opportunity as a student to engage with the OECD. I was able to see first-hand the diversity of its work, meet with some of its highest executives as well as Australia's Ambassadors to the OECD and UNESCO.

"It is not often that a university student, studying French and International Relations gets the chance to sit down and have a chat to Deputy Secretary-General and acting Chief Economist of the OECD, Rintaro Tamaki.

"His advice? Choose your studies well and then work really hard!

"The opportunity to attend this forum as a student delegate has broadened my thinking about economics, social policy, international relations and the world generally. Research and analysis, policy ideas and international co-operation and development come out of organisations such as the OECD.

"It is a place where good policy research meets international politics and diplomacy. This delegation has truly been an invaluable learning experience and something I would definitely recommend to Arts students for a first hand glimpse of international relations and policy at work!"

Nicola was part of a six person youth delegation to the Organisation for EconomicCooperationand Development (OECD) Forum from 4 - 10 May in Paris, France.

She is completing an Honours thesis in French Studies and is a campus ambassador for Teach for Australia.

Global Voices was founded in February 2011 by Thom Woodroofe as a non-profit private company limited by guarantee through a British Council grant.

It is now funded through partnerships with Australia’s leading universities, the corporate & philanthropic communities and Government.

Nicola's participation is courtesy of generous alumni donations directed to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Activity Fund.

You can view photos from the delegation via the Global Voices Facebook page.


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