Words of Wisdom with Mark Scott

5 June 2014

 Mark Scott, Managing Director of the ABC addresses the graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Mark Scott, Managing Director of the ABC addresses the graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Students graduating from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences on Friday were treated to a special address, delivered by Alumni and current Managing Director of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Mark Scott.

Mark was on board to inspire and impart some much-needed advice about the road that lies ahead for the students in their careers. "I know it's very likely the future that it will be shaped by some of the graduates here today" said Mark to encourage the graduating students at the ceremony from media related areas including the Masters programs in Digital Communication and Culture, Health Communication, Media Practice, Publishing and Strategic Public Relations as well the undergraduate program, the Bachelor Arts (Media and Communication).

"The purpose of the Arts and Humanities is to not prepare you for a single career, instead the art of evolving and adapting", explains Mark while talking about the various careers he has held in his lifetime. In a former life, Mark has worked as a school teacher, political adviser and journalist.

On looking back on his experiences, Mark confesses that he wasn't really ready when he first started the roles. "I was very raw starting out as a teacher, I was naïve as a novice political adviser, I was totally inexperienced on my first day as a journalist and the day I started at the nations public broadcaster [ABC], all I really knew about radio and television, was how to turn on the set". However, he later explains with some assurance, "I supposed there was enough evidence on how I performed on previous roles that I have developed enough skills and experiences to allow people to trust me with the new".

Mark encourages to 'step out' while on their journey of their careers. "Even if in starting out it doesn't see the significance or clear path, you just don't know what lies ahead, who you might meet, what you might learn, the insight you might gain, the opportunity that might present itself." "I recognise success can be a journey and not a destination, You will suffer more from safety than you will be in risk, take on each challenge with gusto so you master new things, gain some real knowledge and wisdom so you can move onto new things".