French students bound for Sydney under dual degree pilot

9 July 2014

Five French students will arrive at the University of Sydney this month as part of a pilot program for a new dual degree agreement with Sciences Po, a leading Parisian institution for the humanities and social sciences.

The agreement between Sciences Po and the University of Sydney allows students to split their studies between Paris and Sydney, under a credit recognition agreement for Sydney's Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (BPESS) programs, and Sciences Po's BA degree.

Aleksander Pietrak (pictured above), who is among the French students arriving at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences this month, will graduate under credit arrangements at the end of 2016. He says the chance to study in Sydney was not to be missed.

"It is a great opportunity, because having knowledge in several areas can help immensely in one's professional life. I chose to pursue a double master's in political economy and socio-legal studies, in order to have a good background for my future studies and career in economic law," says Aleksander.

"Europeans and Australians have a lot to learn from each other. Both regions are faced with similar problems: how to cope with immigration, the economic crisis, or the rise of new powers such as China and Russia," he says.

Professor Duncan Ivison, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, says he is delighted the institutions are creating a new dual degree where students will divide their time between Sydney and Sciences Po, graduating with a degree from each institution

"It's part of our commitment to producing truly global citizens and giving our students a unique opportunity to study at two of the best institutions in the world for the social sciences and humanities. It also enables our students to explore the huge changes and opportunities occurring in both Europe and the Asia Pacific, not only by studying them, but living amongst them.

"Our new students from France will be able to explore the full range of majors we offer in the Faculty, which is one of the most comprehensive and diverse in the region. And they will no doubt add a new level of insight and context about Europe as they settle into their classes here and begin to engage with our current students," added Professor Ivison.

The universities will formalize the deal later this year, when senior representatives from Sciences Po are expected to visit the Faculty. Australian students will be able to undertake the dual degree in France from 2015.

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