Trailblazer tales help authors vie for literary prize

16 February 2017

University of Sydney historians have scooped two of four nominations for this year's Ashurst Business Literature Prize.

Challis Professor of History Shane White and Kathleen Fitzpatrick Junior Research Fellow Catherine Bishop were nominated by an independent judging panel for books about Wall Street's first black millionaire, and Sydney's colonial era businesswomen.

The Ashurst Business Literature Prize was established by law firm Ashurst (formerly Blake Dawson) and the State Library of NSW to encourage Australian literary commentary on business and financial affairs.

"It's very exciting to see these two nominations," said Professor Annamarie Jagose, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

"A Department of History is perhaps not the first place one would look for prize-worthy business literature. Yet, in being nominated together for this award, Shane and Catherine evidence the breadth and strength of historical expertise in our Faculty. And they remind us that the things - whether objects, events or, as here, persons - that fall from public memory often richly reward our attention."

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