Brexit: how can Australia secure the right trade deal?

14 March 2017

Trade deal talks with the United Kingdom should only begin once Australia is assured of the UK's post-Brexit trading status, says a University of Sydney expert.

In an expert submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Associate Professor Mark Melatos suggests Australia should also wait for larger trading nations such as Canada and the US to negotiate trade deals with the UK - paving the way for Australia to build on concessions and secure better terms in a deal for itself.

A parliamentary committee is investigating Australia's trade and investment relationship with Britain. Associate Professor Melatos's submission addresses several matters listed in the inquiry's terms of reference.

"Brexit makes it difficult for Australia, because we don't yet know what the UK's trade status will be once it makes its exit from the EU," said Associate Professor Melatos, of the University of Sydney's School of Economics.

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