The Department of Performance Studies Takes Center Stage

9 May 2010

Nominated this year is The Alex Buzo Company's double bill of Buzo's original Norm & Ahmed and Alana Valentine's contemporary response Shafana & Aunt Sarrinah. The innovative work was the main project unfolding in the Department's Rex Cramphorn Studio in July 2009 and thus studied by PRFM 3961 Rehearsal Studies and PRFM3611 Dramaturgy students.

The ability to workshop and explore new Australian plays, and be exposed to professional actors, directors and producers, is a distinctive aspect of Performance Studies at the University of Sydney.

The second nominated piece is The Bougainville Photoplay Project, an illustrated account of restorative justice in action. The work was performed by Dr. Paul Dwyer, Lecturer and Head of the Performance Studies Department, for Version 1.0 with David Williams, an Honorary Associate in the Department, directing.

Dr. Dwyer came to the University of Sydney after nearly a decade of professional theatre work as an actor, animateur, director and dramaturg. His current research areas include performance analysis, ethnography, restorative justice and performance and social change.

The 2010 Sydney Theatre Awards will be presented in January 2011. For more information on the Department of Performance Studies visit:

Article by Liz Schaffer.