Ross Gittins shares thoughts about Immigration and Population with Political Economy students

11 May 2010

Ross Gittins, Economics Editor, Sydney Morning Herald.

Emma Bacon (Vice-President, ECOPSOC), Ross Gittins and Alex MacFarlan (President, ECOPSOC).

Gittins shared his thoughts on why he believes we need to limit population growth by way of reducing immigration in order to sustain economic growth. He also spoke at length about his concerns regarding climate change and its effects on the economy.

In the lead up to the launch of his latest book titled The Happy Economist, Gittins questioned many of the existing economic modelling techniques used to promote immigration as an economic growth necessity.

Students engaged in a lively debate with Gittins at the conclusion of his presentation. President of ECOPSOC said: "we are proud to be able to provide opportunities for students to engage with the subject in a broader context than the classroom, and the big turn out today shows that that students are keen to get involved."

Article by Alison Avery.