The Dean's Reception for Alumni and Friends of the Faculty of Arts

26 September 2010

Professor Ivison, who commenced his Deanship in February 2010, shared his innovative vision for the Faculty of Arts, which continues to engage in diverse research and teaching.

The Faculty aims to make the study of the humanities and social sciences a transformative, challenging and inspiring experience for students and the wider community. It also provides scholars with the skills and academic tools necessary to think critically while encouraging intellectual autonomy.

During Professor Ivison's Deanship the Faculty aims to increase the number of scholarships on offer to help admit students, whatever their social and cultural background.

The coming years will also see increased collaboration between the humanities and sciences, while new degrees such as the Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (which draws on fundamental concepts of human rights, peace, democracy and development in the Asia Pacific) highlight the Faculty's ambition to combine their basic research with programs that make a difference in the world.

Current Honours student, Senthorun Raj, who also spoke at the event, is pleased his Arts degree offered a broad range of subjects from over 30 different departments and programs. He says 'studying in the Faculty of Arts is more than just vocational preparation', as it equips students with the ability to think critically and independently.

Raj stated that the Faculty 'is not just an institution for getting a degree; it is a community of intellectual thinkers, both staff and students, and an environment that supports passionate and generous academic exchange.'

The mentorship offered by various academics throughout his degree has encouraged Raj to commence writing an honours thesis on refugee law, sexuality and emotion. He stated, 'I feel confident that I am part of a supportive community. I am able to articulate my opinions to others in engaging conversations and am proud of the autonomy that comes with being able to think independently.'

Professor Ivison aims to increase contact with alumni and friends through groups such as Sydney University Arts Association,. Information about upcoming alumni events can be found at