University of Sydney Graduate Takes a Ride

5 April 2010

With the aid of a BA Augusta Supple takes on Sydney's creative world.

Throughout February's heat sixteen writers from Stories from the 428 rode the 428 bus route from Circular Quay to Canterbury in search of the extraordinary. Given just 24 hours to commit their stories of romance formed over a year of shared bus travel, irrational parents and arresting personalities to paper, the multi-generational Sydney-based writers seemed to pull off the impossible.

Without University of Sydney graduate Augusta Supple, this production would look very different.

As Stories from the 428's creative producer Supple was given only three months to bring her idea to life. This meant putting together two full-length theatre productions and finding directors, writers and a cast over nearly fifty; a task that normally takes three to four years. She is also one of the project's eight directors.

Supple aims to showcase her local space, Marrickville's Sidetrack Theatre, help playwrights develop their ideas and bring people to the theatre for a good time. She says she wants to "prove plays come from somewhere … and how related we really are."

Supple says she "can't think of an instance in which [her] University of Sydney Performance Studies history has not been lurking in the background." Her majors in Performance Studies, Australian Literature and English inspired and prepared her for Syndey's creative scene, showing that a degree does not end but is "to be continued."

Quick to remind us about the amazing minds who have walked beneath the University of Sydney's sandstone arches, Supple cites John Bell and Germaine Greer as being "awesome footsteps for every student to follow."

Working with the Brand Spanking New Festival, launched in 2008, and Off the Shelf, tied this year to the Sydney Fringe Festival, Supple has an eye for original writing and unique ideas.

With her impressive track record it is not surprising that Sydney Buses, Marrickville Council, Queen Street Studios, ACTT, Coopers Hotel and The Flower Room are supporting Stories from the 428.

Stories from the 428 keeps the "zest and Tang" in theatre and celebrates Sydney's immediate local and artistic community. Inspired by overheard conversations, overseen text messages and life passing outside of bus windows, writers have created a myriad of vignettes that last from 30 seconds to twelve minutes and take to the stage this month.

Supple excitedly points out that another University of Sydney student has helped bring the project to life: BA (Media and Communications) student Julia Lenton.

Acting as publicist for Stories from the 428, Lenton has also produced and advertised for the University of Sydney Arts Revues, Tumbleweed Theatrical Productions and Brand Spanking New.

Lenton says "the Media and Communications degree shows you just how much is waiting out there in the arts field and inspires you to contribute." Supple agrees stating that "if you're dedicated to the arts it's for the rest of your life."

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Article by Liz Schaffer.