The Faculty of Arts welcomes its new incoming students

16 March 2010

The Faculty of Arts officially welcomed its new incoming undergraduate and postgraduate students on Thursday 25 February.

The faculty welcomes began with over 500 new undergraduate students attending a lively Ancient Greek debate on the true nature of love. The debate took place in Wallace Theatre with some of the faculty's dynamic academics who presented their different views through the prism of their own academic specialities. The debate was moderated by Dr Chris Hartney, Studies in Religion and the presenters included Dr Julia Kindt, Classics and Ancient History; Dr Luke Russell, Philosophy; Dr Adrian Hearn, Sociology/Socio-Legal Studies; Dr Liam Semler, English; Associate Professor Carole Cusack, Studies in Religion, and Associate Professor Vrasidas Karalis, Modern Greek. The winner of the debate, Associate Professor Vrasidas Karalis, was announced by the Dean of Arts, Professor Duncan Ivison based on audience applause.

Around 450 postgraduate students attended the Postgraduate Welcome and Orientation evening held in MacLaurin Hall. The informal event was designed so that students (coursework and research) could meet with their class groups and teaching staff in their area of study. Students were welcomed and introduced to the faculty by the Dean of Arts, Professor Duncan Ivison, Associate Dean (Coursework), Dr Fiona Giles and Associate Dean (Research), Associate Professor Vanessa Smith.

Professor Duncan Ivison, Dean welcomes incoming postgraduate students at the Postgraduate Welcome and Orientation Evening

Postgraduate Welcome and Orientation evening

Undergraduate Welcome - Front row L to R - Associate Professor Vrasidas Karalis, Associate Professor Carole Cusack, Dr Liam Semler, Dr Adrian Hearn, Dr Luke Russell, Dr Julia Kindt. Back row L to R - Professor Duncan Ivison, Dr Chris Hartney