Go8 Conference - Climate: Science Humanities

28 June 2009

The Go8 will co-sponsor a conference with Harvard University and the C9 group of research intensive universities in China on March 2010 at Harvard University.

Graduate Perspectives from Australia, China, and the US March 3-4 2010, Harvard University.The conference will bring together 40 graduate students from Australia, China, and the US - leaders of the next generation - to present their global perspectives on climate and climate change from three very different national bases.

It aims to highlight research work that displays genuine disciplinary crossover. Science students and Humanities/Social Science students will exchange research ideas, crossing disciplines, cultures, and continents.

Two students from each Go8 university will be funded to attend. The application form for Go8 students can be obtained from Anne Campbell. It outlines the application and selection procedures.


Students must be enrolled in a research degree at a Go8 university. Eligible students include those currently under examination. International students enrolled at Go8 universities are eligible to apply.

Application Due: Wednesday 1 July 2009 Conference Date: Wednesday 3 - Thursday 4 March 2010

Further information including the application form is available here.