Three Faculty of Arts scholars achieve top appointment

3 December 2010

In a testament to the high calibre of Faculty of Arts academics, three faculty scholars have been elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, one of the highest accolades available in the humanities in Australia.

Professor Alison Bashford, Associate Professor Alison Betts and Professor Moira Gatens have been honoured by the prestigious organisation for their leading contribution to research in their fields.

Professor Alison Bashford is a Professor in Modern History in the Faculty of Arts and was recently the Chair of Australian Studies in the Department of the History of Science at Harvard University. Having published widely in the cultural history of medicine and public health, Professor Bashford's most recent work analyses the problem of world overpopulation in the 1920s. She has also introduced a particularly Australian perspective to scholarship on the history of nationalism and imperialism through the history of disease management, medicine and science.

Associate Professor Alison Betts is an Associate Professor in West Asian Archaeology, Chair of the Department of Archaeology and Director of the University's Central Asian Programme. Particularly interested in the archaeology and history of nomadic peoples, Associate Professor Betts' research has led her down a wide variety of paths including the prehistory of the North Arabian steppe, rock art, hunting traps and water harvesting systems, the origins of nomadic pastoralism in the Near East, nomad-state relations, the Bronze Age of Central Asia and the early development of the Zoroastrian faith. She has directed three major field projects in the east Jordan desert.

Professor Moira Gatens is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy and an ARC Professorial Fellow. Professor Gatens is internationally recognised for her research in social and political philosophy, ethics, 17th century philosophy (especially Dutch philosopher Spinoza) and feminist theory. She this year held the prestigious Spinoza Chair at the University of Amsterdam, and has previously held fellowships at the University of Christchurch and the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin. Professor Gatens' current research project brings together Spinoza, Feuerbach and George Eliot.

Professor Bashford, Professor Betts and Professor Gatens join 515 elected Fellows from across Australia, each working to promote the standing of the humanities through excellence in scholarly endeavour.

In the recent 2010 elections, the Academy selected 19 outstanding scholars nationally as Fellows, with 5 prominent candidates chosen as Honorary Fellows.

Election to the Fellowship is usually for life, with nomination and election reserved for researchers who have achieved the highest distinction in scholarship in the humanities.

This research extends across many disciplines of the humanities, including Archaeology, Asian Studies, Classical Studies, English, European Languages and Cultures, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Religion and the History of Ideas, Cultural and Communication Studies and The Arts.

Further information on the Academy is available on its website.

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