New Heads of School in the New Year

8 February 2011

As the New Year rolls in the faculty welcomes not only a new name, but also embraces fresh leadership with the arrival of two new Heads of School (HoS) and another Acting Head of School in 2011.

Professor Annamarie Jagose and Professor Barbara Caine joined the faculty in early January to take up the positions of HoS of the School of Letters, Arts and Media (SLAM) and HoS of the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry (SOPHI) respectively.

With the Discipline of Economics integrated as a new School within the faculty from 2011, Associate Professor Tim Fisher also enters the faculty as Acting Head of the School of Economics.

Dean of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Duncan Ivison, says the faculty is "delighted" to have attracted such "outstanding and incredibly distinguished scholars" to take up these critical roles as academic leaders within the faculty.

"Annamarie Jagose and Barbara Caine are very highly regarded in their fields as well as having extraordinary track records in academic leadership," he said.

"They embody the kind of dynamic leadership we are keen to cultivate in our Faculty and the University more generally".

Professor Ivison said he is also pleased that Professor Fisher will fill the position of Acting Head of the new School of Economics for 2011.

"This is an exciting time for economics at the University of Sydney and Tim brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position that will be extremely valuable as we build our vision for the new Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences," Professor Ivison said.

Professor Jagose said she is looking forward to leading a school with manifest strengths in both traditional disciplinary and new humanities formations. She hopes her perspective as a newcomer to the University of Sydney will bring fresh energy to SLAM.

"I'm excited about the timing of my appointment in terms of not only my own career progression but also the current position of the School, which I see poised at a moment of transformation with the potential to become among the best of its kind in Australia, associated with leading research especially in the areas of literary, visual and performance studies," she said.

Professor Jagose looks forward to forging new professional relationships with her new colleagues in SLAM, as well as building the School's reputation in the University and beyond.

She plans to work with her peers to develop a "focused strategic direction" in concordance with "a stronger school culture that engages departmental strengths".

Previously Head of the Department of Film, Television and Media Studies at the University of Auckland, Professor Jagose comes to the School with an international research profile as an academic theorist in sexuality studies. She is also an award-winning novelist.

As well as teaching at the University of Melbourne, Professor Jagose has held a number of invited international fellowships, including at the Australian National University's Humanities Research Centre, the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality at New York University and as the John Hinkley Visiting Professor at the English Department at Johns Hopkins University.

Professor Barbara Caine continues her academic association with the University of Sydney when she returns as HoS of the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry (SOPHI) this year.

Prior to her move to Monash University in 1995, Professor Caine was an Associate Professor of History and the first Director of the Centre for Women's Studies at the University of Sydney.

She has published and jointly authored the book, "Gendering European History" (Leicester University Press, 2000) with outgoing HoS of SOPHI, Professor Glenda Sluga and held a joint ARC discovery grant with Glenda Sluga and Ros Pesman

Professor Caine has published extensively in the field of nineteenth and twentieth-century British history, in the history of feminism and more recently in South African history as well.

As Professor of History and an Australian Professorial Fellow at Monash University, she has turned her attention recently to the study of autobiography and biography. In 2007, she was awarded an ARC Professorial Fellowship to pursue her project,'History and the individual life'.

Professor Caine said that the outstanding research strengths of SOPHI make the position of its head both challenging and exciting and that she anticipates very fruitful research collaborations with a number of people in the school.

"The big challenges are to ensure that equal attention is paid to teaching and to research and that we do as much as we possibly can to connect the two. I would also like to encourage the development of more collaborative research both within the school and in the wider university community."

Associate Professor Tim Fisher also joins the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences from an impressive background in his economics field.

Since working as an Economist for the Bank of Canada, Professor Fisher has worked in the Department of Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University before arriving at the University of Sydney as a visiting scholar in 1997.

From 2004 he has been an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Sydney, and has also taken up visiting scholar positions at the Université de Cergy-Pontoise in France, the ESSEC Business School in Cergy-Pontoise, France, and the Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.

The new Heads of School will accompany existing HoS of Social and Political Sciences, Professor Simon Tormey and HoS of Languages and Cultures, Professor Jeffrey Riegel, in their duties within the faculty.

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