Research Grant for Sydney Linguists

16 February 2011

The 'Language and Identity Research Network' is one of seven recipients of the newly introduced Collaborative Research Scheme in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Comprised of ten academics and two doctoral students from two faculties, six different departments and two schools in the faculty, these researchers are brought together by their interests in aspects of linguistics and identity, which they explore from a diversity of paradigms and across a broad array of languages and contexts.

The network includes academics from five departments in the School of Languages and Cultures (Dr Dwi Noverini Djenar, Indonesian Studies; Dr Nerida Jarkey, Japanese Studies; Dr Caroline Lipovsky, French Studies; Dr Antonia Rubino, Italian Studies; Drs Linda Tsung and Wei Wang, Chinese Studies), from the Department of Linguistics in the School of Letters, Arts and Media (Drs Monika Bednarek and Ahmar Mahboob), from the Faculty of Education and Social Work (Associate Professor Ken Cruickshank and Professor Brian Paltridge), and two doctoral students, one from each of the two Faculties (Devrim Yilmaz and Zuocheng Zhang).

These scholars have published extensively on a wide range of issues, from the identities of second generation migrant youth and recently arrived migrants, to those of Chinese ESL students and university students in China, and from non-native English-speaking teachers and job candidates, to fictional identities on TV series.

The establishment of the network will allow fruitful exchanges and the development of collaborative projects. Amongst the main outcomes of the grant received, two international symposia will be organised on the theme of language and identity.

The symposia will bring together work drawing on anthropology, education, psychology, sociology, and other research traditions, all through a linguistic focus, and will be open to doctoral students and other interested academics.

Another major objective of the project is to create a broader network involving all linguists working throughout the two Faculties and in other parts of the University.

Taking this grant as a departure point, the twelve researchers hope to establish a foundation for long lasting collaborative links that will extend beyond the network and the two-year project. They are keen to work with all linguists at the University of Sydney in order to enhance the profile of linguistics in interdisciplinary studies and to bring more international visibility to the excellent research that is carried out in our University.

Contact: Callie Henderson

Phone: 02 9351 2208

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