The Dean Welcomes Alumni

11 April 2011

The Dean's Alumni Reception was held last Thursday evening at the Great Hall - a place where all alumni can reflect on their sense of pride and achievement they felt graduating within the omniscient sandstone..

Professor Ivison, who commenced his Deanship in February 2010, shared his innovative vision for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, which continues to engage in diverse research and teaching.

"It has been an extraordinary year for the faculty. Many of you have rejoined our family in a way that I find incredibly rewarding and though there is much more to do, it is a priority of ours to reconnect with you in new ways," Professor Ivison said.

Alumnus Sandy Cameron spoke about his time in New York, where he had a front-row seat to the financial meltdown from the collapse of Bear Stearns to the unfolding global financial crisis. "For me the tumultuous and unpredictable nature of what I saw in New York throws into sharp relief the value of a liberal arts education. An Arts and Social Sciences degree provides graduates with skills that are particularly useful in times such as the one we now find ourselves in."

Professor Ivison also remarked on the breadth of the degree that makes Arts and Social Sciences graduates standouts in all fields. "We cultivate in our students a sense of intellectual autonomy. Sandy epitomises just what good philosophical training can do - it can help you survive the great financial meltdown. Cultivating not just critical but imaginative thinking makes for great leaders in the future."

Current student and Sydney Arts Students Society (SASS) President, Jacqui Munro spoke to Alumni of the importance of their continued engagement. "In 2011 the SASS Motto is 'not (just) Arts' - the non-vocational nature of this degree is not a flaw, we are learning how to learn. As alumni, we have a role to play, in correcting this assumption, and supporting us by reinforcing the value of our Arts degree. Our bond to the faculty must be strengthened, not only through a sense of nostalgia, but through a willingness to contribute the institution that gave us our unique skills, great memories and lasting friendships."

Matthew Cross, a recent Arts and Social Sciences Graduate, now working as a research advisor in the NSW Premier's Office reflected that the event was a nice way to connect with the Faculty again. "You come to the Great Hall, and it brings memories of your graduation and you know what a great university it is, with so much history especially in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences"

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