Latest QS rankings place University of Sydney in the top 20 for Arts and Humanities

9 June 2011

June 3rd saw the release of the QS University rankings, where the world's universities claim their international standing in their various fields of study, and the University of Sydney has done very well to be placed in the top 20 for all subjects that fall under the umbrella of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

University of Sydney ranked in the top 20 in nearly all categories in the Arts and Humanities discipline, which include Philosophy (20), English Language and Literature (17), History (12), Linguistics (17), and Modern Languages (13), with Geography and Area Studies only just outside the top 20 with a ranking of 21.

ANU and Melbourne University are the two other Australian universities that have scored highly, with ANU being the overall Australian leader by subject. Sydney has come out above ANU, however, in the discipline of English Language and Literature, where Sydney scored a rank of 17 to ANU's 29. By subject, Sydney has also ranked higher than Melbourne University in the disciplines of Geography and Area Studies, History, and Modern Languages, which is a first for the University of Sydney.

Duncan Ivison, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, states "I am delighted that our humanities disciplines have performed strongly in the most recent QS Top Universities ranking, which is a well-respected and closely watched international marker of academic reputation. International ranking exercises must always be treated with care and never tell the whole story about our performance across teaching and research, but we are in good company among the top 20 faculties of our kind in the world."

The overall top positions in the QS rankings went to Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge, who each scored in the top 5 in every field. In the Australasian region, however, Sydney was placed in the top 3 for Philosophy, English Language and Literature, History and Modern Languages, securing its reputation as one of the premier institutions in the world at which to study Arts and Humanities.

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