Alan Dupont submits new policy brief for the Lowy Institute

22 June 2011

In a new policy brief for the Lowy Institute, Centre for International Security Studies Director and Michael Hintze Chair in International Security, Professor Alan Dupont argues that Australia has failed to grasp the full implications of China's meteoric rise or the risk of conflict in the Western Pacific. He calls for a coherent, national approach to China, one that is informed by a clear appreciation of the drivers of Chinese strategic policy particularly in the Western Pacific, which is the most likely arena of confrontation between China and the US.

Lowy Policy Briefs are designed to address a particular, current policy issue and to suggest solutions. They are deliberately prescriptive, specifically addressing two questions: What is the problem? What should be done? The intended audience includes policy makers, domestic and international business and security communities and other key stakeholders.

To see Professor Alan Dupont's article in The Australianhere

Professor Dupont was also called on for comment in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian

The paper is now available from the Lowy Institute website

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