Students experience French through cooking

1 July 2011

French Studies contributes to the Smith Family Experience Day with an introduction to French through cooking - Bon appétit!

The Department of French Studies yesterday participated in the Smith Family Experience Day by teaching Learning for Life students some basics from the French language and how to make French crêpes.

Students were introduced to basic words and structures of French by playing matching games and were then encouraged to use some of this new vocabulary while preparing to make the crêpes. The class finished off with a degustation of the crêpes, which included learning how to flip them from the pan to the plate.

The Smith Family Experience Day was co-hosted by the Social Inclusion Unit and the Smith Family, with the aim of introducing students from disadvantaged backgrounds to the value of tertiary education. The Department of French Studies believes that by learning a second language, students gain a wider understanding of the world and by studying another culture, they can further understand their own.

Dr Francoise Grauby from the Department of French Studies said of yesterday's classes, "It is a lovely way to connect with the students and they clearly really enjoyed themselves."

"It was great to experience another culture. This was completely new to me!" said Helena Bilby from Lithgow High.

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