Faculty Teaching Fellowships Announced for 2012

14 October 2011

Teaching Fellowships in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences have been made available to candidates for 2012.

Up to eight Fellowships are awarded each year, to both full- and part-time PhD and MPhil candidates. The period of employment by the University is from 1 February to 13 December, with a cap of four face-to-face teaching hours per week, and associated marking.

A new version of the Teaching Fellowships was piloted by the Faculty in 2011, which saw the fellowships awarded to candidates who have passed probation, rather than to highly ranked postgraduate applicants. The eight fellowships went to Kathryn Bicknell (Performance Studies), Liam Grealy (GCS), Amelia Groom (Art History), Peter Hobbins (History), Timothy Laurie (GCS), Benjamin Moffat (Govt and International Relations), Atilla Orel (English) and Yi Wang (Germanic Studies). The Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research, Vanessa Smith, said 'candidates have welcomed the change, which has enabled their progress within the degree to be recognized and rewarded'.

Atilla Orel, a 2011 teaching fellow working in the Department of English, acknowledged the impact his increased responsibilities has had on his studies at the University of Sydney.

"It's been pretty amazing," he said. "Teaching is something you can easily keep putting more and more of yourself into. Trying to write journal articles and keep on top of my thesis has been challenging but ultimately fulfilling."

Kath Bicknell, a teaching fellow in the Department of Performance Studies, also stressed the important balance between teaching and academia that the Fellowships offer.

"Teaching certainly forces you to be more confident in your application and discussion of research," she said. "The extra reading I have done for the courses I've been involved in as a teaching fellow has added extra depth to my PhD."

The Fellowships may continue into a second year, depending on the progress of the candidates' research.

The professional experience and working environment provided by the Fellowships is also regarded as highly beneficial for future career prospects.

"I've been really surprised by the opportunities the Fellowship has already led to," Orel said. "I've never had so much on my plate before … [but] the full-time staff have made me feel like part of the team."

Candidates currently enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences should submit their applications for 2012 Teaching Fellowships to their department's Postgraduate Research Coordinator by 5pm, Thursday 24 November.

Contact: Kate Mayor

Phone: 02 9351 2208

Email: 2333393f4b392041293721252f120a3540635c2f1960525e