MECO Students Win Prestigious China Internships

7 November 2011

Two Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) students from the University of Sydney have been awarded internships with the China Daily, based in Beijing.

Callie Henderson and Tanya Sun will complete their internships with the newspaper group's respected youth and English-oriented publication, 21st Century.

The internships take place over a two-month period, including accommodation and salary, and provide awardees the opportunity to work within a vibrant international newsroom.

Callie, whose internship commences in March, recognised the importance of exploring and embracing Chinese culture within the world of modern media.

"China is such a huge part of the global world at the moment, but I feel that in Australia we don't interact with them as much as we should," Callie said. "I'm really looking forward to making broader connections that way, as well as adding to my portfolio as a journalist."

Tanya, who will be leaving for China in mid-November, also acknowledged the significance of the internship for students seeking intensive work experience.

"As media students graduating this year, experience in the field is the most important thing for us," she said. "To get experience in foreign media organisations straight out of our degrees is quite special."

The Faculty shares a strong reciprocal relationship with the China Daily, after Associate Professor Anne Dunn helped initiate the program in 2009.

As well as sending interns to work in China, the University accepts one employee from the China Daily per year, who is then allowed to complete a master's degree in Australia.

Zi Wang, who undertook his studies with the University during 2011, was grateful for the opportunity that the China Daily internship program had afforded him.

"The program is fantastic - I've learnt a lot for my future career in China," he said. "It's expanded my horizons in both media studies and media practice, and I've just enjoyed my time being a student at the University of Sydney."

In a display of the University's link with the paper, the China Daily yesterday published a profile on Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir, the Chancellor of the University.

The China Daily internships are offered to up to two Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) students every year, who are in their third or fourth year of study at the time of application.

Further inquiries can be made by contacting MECO Internship Coordinator Robin Moffatt on 02 9351 6886.

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