Wishes Granted for Faculty Research Applicants

8 November 2011

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has been awarded 16 Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects grants for 2012.

The grants, released as part of the federal government's National Competitive Grants Program, were announced on Tuesday, and will assist academics in their continued groundbreaking research within the Faculty.

The success rate for applicants from the Faculty was 35%, significantly higher than the overall rate for Discovery Projects of 21.95%.

Professor Gerard Goggin, one of the recipients of a 2012 ARC research grant, says 'Sydney's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has always had real breadth and depth in its research, and is now undergoing a renaissance — so it's great to see this reflected in ARC grant success. Much of this work is genuinely interdisciplinary, and also seeking to make a genuine contribution to the wider public culture'.

Professor Goggin acknowledges the impact an ARC grant will have on his research. "'The 'Moving Media' grant will provide an invaluable platform for exploring new forms of policy and regulation, not only in the dynamic area of mobile Internet — but in media generally'.

On a whole, the University was highly successful in its push for funding through the ARC, with its researchers receiving a total of $26.8million to be spread across 89 different projects in 2012.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Michael Spence, congratulated all of the successful applicants, acknowledging the international benchmark for research set by the University.

"This new funding will enable University of Sydney researchers to continue to reach across disciplinary boundaries to make a real difference, both here in Australia and internationally," Dr Spence said.

Here is a full list of successful proposals for Discovery Projects at the University of Sydney, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, for funding commencing in 2012:


Prof. Anders Ahlqvist, Prof. Neil D McLeod, Dr Pamela E O'Neill, Prof. David Stifter

"Medieval Irish law texts: scholarly, legal and social development"

2012, $30,000

Dr Daniel C Anlezark

"Anglo-Saxon literary patronage: origins and development"

2012-2014, $110,000

Prof. Gerard Goggin, Dr Timothy J Dwyer, Dr Fiona R Martin, Prof Claudio Feijoo

"Moving media: mobile internet and new policy modes"

2012-2014, $243,000

Dr Jennene (Jay) Johnston, Prof. Iain Gardner, Dr Julia C Kindt, Dr Helen V Whitehouse, Dr Erica C Hunter

"The function of images in magical papyri and artefacts of ritual power from Late Antiquity"

2012-2014, $164,000

Dr Fiona Morrison

"Christina Stead in America"

2012-2014, $105,000 (though Fiona has subsequently moved to UNSW)


A/ Prof. Michele T Ford, A. Prof. Teri Caraway

"The re-emergence of political labour in Indonesia"

2012-2014, $196,476


Prof. Warwick Anderson, Prof, Ian R MacKay

"Disease and the modern self: becoming autoimmune"

2012-2014, $145,000

A/ Prof. Rick E Benitez, Dr Julia C Kindt, A. Prof. Dirk C Baltzly, Dr Marguerite Johnson, Prof. Harold A Tarrant

"Plato's myth voice, the identification and interpretation of 'inspired speech' in Plato"

2012-2012, $292,000

Prof. Mark Colyvan

"Mathematical notation: a philosophical account"

2012-2014, $150,000

Emeritus Prof. Roy M MacLeod

"The Mineral factor: strategic minerals, imperial resources and global politics (1895-1995)"

2012-2014, $145,000.00

Prof. Margaret C Miller, Dr Lesley A Beaumont, Dr Stavros A Paspalas

"Settlement sustainability and societal change in the ancient Mediterranean: the case of Zagora"

2012-2014, $450,000

Dr Kane D Race

"Changing spaces of HIV prevention: a cultural analysis of transformations in sexual sociability"

2012-2014, $130,000

A/ Prof Penelope A Russell, Prof Nigel Worden

"Empires of honour: violence and virtue in colonial societies, 1750-1850"

2012-2014, $93,000


Prof. Richard H Bryan

"New social foundations of money"

2012-2014, $725,792

Prof. David S Goodman

"Reinterpreting the Sino-Japanese war: north China base areas 1939-1940"

2012-2014, $772,000

Prof. David Schlosberg, Dr Simon J Niemeyer

"Rethinking climate justice in an age of adaption: capabilities, local variation, and public deliberation"

2012-2014, $250,000

Successful proposals for Discovery Indigenous at the University of Sydney, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for funding commencing 2012


Dr Victoria L Grieves

"More than family history; race, gender and the Aboriginal family in Australian history"

2012-2014, $240,000

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