Work Experience Diary: A week in the faculty

21 August 2012

Tiffanie Zuccala (left) and Isobel Blomfield
"Tiffanie Zuccala (left) and Isobel Blomfield (right): "Our experience in the University of Sydney was different from what we imagined, but better than what we expected"

We arrived at the University of Sydney unsure of what tasks and experiences we were going to have this week as interns. We are year 11 students from Burwood Girls High School and this year we've started wondering what courses to do when school ends. We decided to choose the University of Sydney for work experience, as it would give us the opportunity to experience the different uni courses and life on campus.

When we first arrived we spent ages trying to find the Quadrangle, going around the campus in circles. When we finally arrived at our building, we were greeted by friendly staff in the marketing team and given a schedule for the week. Our main task was to create a promotional video, talking about the Arts faculty, as well as touching on our personal experiences as interns. In the film we explored the idea, "Why should you do an Arts degree?" After talking to and interviewing students and staff we developed a deeper understanding of the faculty and improved our video and media skills.

We were also given the opportunity to interact with students around the campus whilst filming. We met many different students and talked to them about their experiences. Xanthia, a Media and Communications student, took us to one of her lectures and talked to us about her experience of life in the Arts faculty. We had never been to a lecture before and we found it really different to school, as you don't really interact with the teacher. The lecture was also very fast-paced, but we enjoyed it.

Additionally, throughout the week we were able to explore the campus, taking photos of all the interesting places we discovered. It was our first time at the University of Sydney and we came across many fascinating places such as the graffiti tunnel and the chill-out lounge. When we first arrived at the University we frequently got lost, but now after a week, we are able to navigate around the campus.

We also gained experience in the Media and Communications workplace. We were given the task of updating the media contact list, calling up newspaper companies such as the Sun Herald and the Australian Financial Review. We were surprised by the amount of journalists and writers that worked for newspapers! At first, calling up these major companies was daunting and very hands on work, but we're glad we had the opportunity. We gained useful experience in data entry and communication.

Overall, our experience in the University of Sydney was different from what we imagined, but better than what we expected. We were given opportunities to develop our media, video-making and workplace skills. We have learnt that Arts and Social Sciences is a very broad and popular area that can lead students in many different paths and careers. Through this, we now have a better idea of the direction we want to go after school ends. We met lots of friendly people, gained experience in the workplace and felt it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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