Laughing at the End of the World: The 2012 Arts Revue

22 August 2012

As the world anxiously awaits its impending doom in 2012 (at least according to the Mayans), the Arts Revue will dish out a taste of what's to come at the apocalypse in this year's production, Artsmageddon.

Touted as 'the show to end all shows (literally)', Artsmageddon sees the Arts Revue team turn their trademark irreverence towards the unlikely topic of Armageddon, charting the chaotic lead-up right through to the post-apocalyptic mayhem that ensues.

From sketches about zombies, post-war dance numbers and even some original songs thrown in the mix, the Revue is expected to resonate with the survivalist in all of us.

"In our opinion, it's the revue to end all revues," said Revue co-director Clemmie Williams, a second year combined Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts student.

"I don't want to give too much away, but I'm sure the audience will be encountering a lot of zombies and hopefully a lot of chuckles."

The Arts Revue has a strong history of launching some of Australia's best-loved comedic talent, from the Chaser team to the Axis of Awesome.

Clemmie believes smaller casting numbers in this year's production will give talented students from across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences a bigger slice of the limelight with larger roles.

"We scaled back this year because we really wanted to focus on every single person having at least one or two lead roles, so that everyone gets the chance to really shine," she said.

Smaller cast size has also allowed the ensemble to create original music for this year's show.

"A lot of other revues use popular songs and rewrite lyrics for them," Clemmie explained. "We've been able to steer away from that somewhat unoriginal way of communicating comedy though song and have written some very original music."

Clemmie has found the process of directing this year's production "a challenge but also a joy", crediting her co-director Ciaran Magee, producer Loredana Cross and the Revue cast members as sources of inspiration.

"We've come out with more ideas than we could handle," she said. "The whole experience has been amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with."

Check out Arts student Victoria Baldwin's student blog for a behind-the-scenes look at the 2012 Arts Revue.

The 2012 Arts Revue production Artsmageddon is presented with the support of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the University of Sydney Union.


What: Artsmageddon - The 2012 Arts Revue

When: Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th August, 7:30pm

Where: Everest Theatre, Seymour Centre

Cost: Access - $15; Concession $18; Adult $22

More information: Visit the Seymour Centre website for bookings and further information.

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