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July 2014
Archaeology Labs refurbished   View Summary
25 July 2014
Archaeology LabsSemester II will see the opening of the doors of the newly refurbished Archaeology Teaching Lab 102 in Old Teacher's College.
Research success in ARC Fellowships   View Summary
24 July 2014
Faculty of Arts and Social SciencesCongratulations to Associate Professor Ben Goldsmith from Government and International Relations and Associate Professor Daniel Anlezark from the Department of English on receiving Australian Research Council (ARC) Fellowships.
Affordable and accessible childcare must not come at sake of quality   View Summary
23 July 2014
Dr Elizabeth Hill.Affordable childcare should not come at the expense of high quality service or worker exploitation, writes Dr Elizabeth Hill, of the Department of Political Economy.
Investing in leadership potential   View Summary
15 July 2014
Future Leaders Scholarship Scheme 2014The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 Future Leaders Scholarship.
Jobs study pits 'who you know' against 'where you go'   View Summary
11 July 2014
Associate Professor Gaby Ramia.Associate Professor Gaby Ramia of the Graduate School of Government will lead a landmark study into how formal and informal networks affect employment outcomes for the long-term and youth unemployed.
French students bound for Sydney under dual degree pilot   View Summary
9 July 2014
New University of Sydney student Aleksander Pietrak.Five French students will arrive at the Faculty this month as part of a pilot program for a new dual degree agreement with Sciences Po, a leading Parisian institution for the humanities and social sciences.
Spectre of anti-communist smears resurrected against Jokowi   View Summary
7 July 2014
Joko Jokowi Widodo.Allegations of communism have surfaced in Indonesia's increasingly tight presidential election, writes Lecturer in Indonesian Studies, Dr Vannessa Hearman.
Prose and poetry on show as faculty hosts literary luminaries   View Summary
3 July 2014
literary eventsTwo cutting edge literary conferences at the University of Sydney next week and a redesign of the Masters of Creative Writing show the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' critical engagement with the written word.
June 2014
Associate Professor Yixu Lu wins Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Prize   View Summary
24 June 2014
Associate Professor Yixu LuCongratulations to Associate Professor Yixu Lu on winning the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Prize, awarded to a scholar from outside Germany who has made a particularly distinguished contribution to research and teaching and to international collaboration in German studies.
Explaining Egypt's place in a changing Arab world   View Summary
20 June 2014
Dr Lucia Sorbera.Leading Australian and international thinkers will discuss the upheaval in Egypt at the University of Sydney on Monday 23 June, in the first of a series of new talks probing sweeping change across the Arab world
Behind a bold but beguiling failure   View Summary
19 June 2014
Alejandro Jodorowsky.David Otto Fitzgerald reviews the Sydney Film Festival screening of Jodorowsky's Dune, a documentary about the ultimately doomed adaptation of Frank Herbert's sci-fi epic, Dune.
Winners, losers and bruisers at SFF   View Summary
18 June 2014
Dr Bruce Isaacs.The Sydney Film Festival concluded on Sunday night with Two Days, One Night announced as the winner of the Sydney Film Prize. Dr Bruce Isaacs gives his verdict on all this year's prize entries.
Found footage horror fails to raise a fright   View Summary
16 June 2014
A still from the horror film Willow Creek.PhD candidate Olivia Hopkins is unimpressed by found footage horror film Willow Creek. Read her Sydney Film Festival review.
Fell rises to cinematic heights   View Summary
16 June 2014
Fell.Fell at Sydney Film Festival is flawlessly executed by serious Australian talent, finds Ellen Becker. It is ideal cinema - where all the elements available to the form are seamlessly melded.
English department fosters young Australian writer   View Summary
16 June 2014
Sydney author Elisbathe Murray.Arts student Elisabeth Murray has wasted no time in pursuing her dream - the promising University of Sydney undergraduate has just had her first novella published.
The Rover brings unremitting fury to SFF   View Summary
13 June 2014
Guy Pearce in The Rover.Dr Richard Smith reviews The Rover, starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, which is vying for the Sydney Film Festival Official Competition.
Obama goes different direction to Abbott on climate   View Summary
13 June 2014
Professor David Schlosberg.As Obama makes a new global climate agreement a priority, Australia's very public and ideological retreat will not be looked upon favourably, writes Professor David Schlosberg in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Boyhood shines at Sydney Film Festival   View Summary
13 June 2014
Dr Richard Smith.Boyhood is shaping up as the frontrunner for the Sydney Film Festival's Official Competition, writes Dr Richard Smith in his latest Conversation column.
Queen's Birthday Honour for Professor Barbara Caine   View Summary
13 June 2014
Professor Barbara Caine AMThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences would like to congratulate Professor Barbara Caine AM, who has been made a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for significant service to tertiary education, particularly to gender studies, women's history, and as a role model and mentor.
Does Locke have the drive to win SFF?   View Summary
12 June 2014
Dr Richard Smith.Dr Richard Smith assesses Locke's chances as one of the 12 Official Competition Films at Sydney Film Festival.
World Cup illusion will soothe South America again ... for a while   View Summary
12 June 2014
The World Cup.How have governments used football and the World Cup as a political instrument? Dr Fernanda Penaloza and Dr Barrie Wharton explore that question in The Conversation.
Why your brain is the next frontier in economics   View Summary
12 June 2014
Professor Paul GlimcherProfessor Paul W. Glimcher from New York University is perhaps the world's leading expert on the neurobiology and economics of human decision-making, and he will be presenting his groundbreaking research at a special Sydney Ideas event on Friday 13th June.
Framing Robert Altman at Sydney Film Festival   View Summary
11 June 2014
Dr Melissa Hardie.Dr Melissa Hardie explores the Sydney Film Festival retrospective of US director Robert Altman.
Pyne's plan bold but disruptive   View Summary
11 June 2014
Professor Colm Harmon.Policy changes always carry a law of unintended consequences caveat, but the proposed higher education reforms are riskier than most, writes Professor Colm Harmon in The Australian.
Nick Cave's 20,000 Days on Earth opens SFF   View Summary
5 June 2014
Dr Bruce Isaacs.The Sydney Film Festival (SFF) opened last night, kicking off not only one of the landmark cultural events of the city, but a program that draws films from almost 50 countries throughout the world.
Words of Wisdom with Mark Scott   View Summary
5 June 2014
Mark Scott ThumbStudents graduating from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences on Friday were treated to a special address, delivered by Alumni and current Managing Director of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Mark Scott.
Global Voices Exchange   View Summary
3 June 2014
Nicola BaumanBA Honours student, Nicola Bauman has returned from the Global Voices delegation to the OECD Forum in Paris and filed a special report for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
China 25 years after Tiananmen   View Summary
3 June 2014
Professor John KeaneProfessor John Keane looks at the legacy of Tiananmen Square, 25 years after the tumultuous events of June 1989.
Orwelllian risks in the age of surveillance   View Summary
2 June 2014
Professor James Der Derian.Professor James Der Derian reviews four books, including Luke Harding and Glenn Greenwald's accounts of Edward Snowden's defection, in the latest issue of the Australian Book Review.
The good, the bad and the downright evil   View Summary
2 June 2014
Dr Luke Russell gives a talk at Sydney Writers' Festival.Dr Luke Russell delved into the world of politics, superstition, history and literature as he explored the concept of evil at Sydney Writers' Festival.
May 2014
Rococo Aesthetics: Women, Lapdogs and Sexual Pleasure in Eighteenth-Century Art   View Summary
29 May 2014
Rococo Aesthetics: Women, Lapdogs and Sexual Pleasure in Eighteenth-Century ArtProfessor Jennifer Milam will consider how Rococo art is connected with Enlightenment thought processes that sought to push the accepted boundaries of human sexuality in an effort to argue the merits of a life of pleasure in this 5 June Insights Lecture.
Students report from Sydney Writers' Festival frontline   View Summary
26 May 2014
SWF Intern Catherine McMaster.Six talented students have reviewed sessions and interviewed authors at Sydney Writers' Festival (SWF), putting to use the breadth of skills they have learned from their Arts degrees at the University of Sydney.
Words for a voiceless nation: Adam Johnson on North Korea   View Summary
25 May 2014
American author Adam Johnson.MECO student Greta Mayr reviews Adam Johnson at Sydney Writers' Festival.
Funny business: 15 minutes with Benjamin Law   View Summary
25 May 2014
Benjamin LawBenjamin Law started writing for the freebies. Now he does it to satisfy his curiosity. It seems his funny, poignant take on families and communities is paying dividends, finds MECO student Tom Langshaw.
Reason to love: David Braddon-Mitchell's philosophy of passion   View Summary
25 May 2014
DBMSpeaking at the Sydney Writers' Festival's Bloomberg Stage, David Braddon-Mitchell told us "writing and storytelling will help us find what we have reason to love."
Amy Tan on her latest book, The Valley of Amazement   View Summary
25 May 2014
Amy TanAmy Tan is the author of The Joy Luck Club, The Kitchen God's Wife and most recently, The Valley of Amazement, a historical narrative about life in the courtesan houses of China in 1905.
The intriguing world of children's picture books, with Andrew Joyner   View Summary
25 May 2014
Andrew JoynerThe Sydney Writers' Festival has exciting programs running for children, from storytelling workshops to colouring-in and activity sessions.
Label Breaker: Tara Moss' The Fictional Woman   View Summary
23 May 2014
Tara MossI was particularly struck by one moment during the launch of Tara Moss' new non-fiction book The Fictional Woman, at Sydney Writers' Festival last night.
Wandering through the garden of Alice Walker's mind   View Summary
23 May 2014
Alice WalkerWhat does writing mean for Alice Walker? In the screening of the documentary Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth at the Sydney Writers' Festival, the audience was given a few answers.
Reef lives and breathes through McCalman's tales   View Summary
23 May 2014
Iain McCalmanProfessor Iain McCalman weaved a rich tapestry of history, science, culture and environment to explore the various identities of the Great Barrier Reef at a Sydney Writers' Festival talk on Monday night.
Sydney Writers' Festival: Out of the Ashes   View Summary
22 May 2014
Honarary Professor Sheila FitzpatrickLeading foreign correspondent Hamish McDonald led a panel discussion between human rights professor Ian Buruma, author Frank Dikötter and University of Sydney Honorary Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick, on the devastation of war and the ongoing implications for both the victors and vanquished.
Alumna in Focus Annie Corlett    View Summary
21 May 2014
Annie CorlettAnnie Corlett (BEc) has had an impressive career - and while some may know her as business woman extraordinaire - we hold her in very high esteem as President of the Alumni Council of the University of Sydney, for her dedication and commitment to our students, staff and alumni.
Best and Brightest Showcase in Government and International Relations   View Summary
19 May 2014
Best and Brightest Showcase in Government and International RelationsThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences held the fifth Best and Brightest Showcase at Parliament House recently, celebrating the most outstanding Honours Theses in Government and International Relations.
The Dean's Reception for Alumni and Friends   View Summary
16 May 2014
The Dean’s Reception for Alumni and FriendsOn Thursday, 10 April 2014, the Dean, Professor Duncan Ivison, hosted a Reception for Alumni and Friends of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the MacLaurin Hall of the University of Sydney's Main Quadrangle.
Taking the temperature of the Arab Autumn   View Summary
16 May 2014
A child waves a flag.Dr Lucia Sorbera talks about grassroots democracy in the Middle East and North Africa, ahead of her appearance on the Arab Autumn panel at Sydney Writers' Festival.
New accelerated pathway to the Diploma of Language Studies   View Summary
15 May 2014
Faculty of Arts and Social ScieNew accelerated pathway to the Diploma of Language StudiesThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to announce a new accelerated pathway to the Diploma of Language Studies, delivering a more flexible way to study languages other than English.
University of Sydney presents Sydney Film Festival International Documentaries   View Summary
8 May 2014
Sydney Film FestivalThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is delighted to build on our continuing sponsorship with Sydney Film Festival in 2014 by becoming presenting partner of the International Documentary Series.
Choosing our religions: faith and the battle for legitimacy   View Summary
8 May 2014
Professor Carole CusackOn Thursday May 8, Professor of Religious Studies Carole Cusack will deliver her 2014 professorial Insights lecture titled Religion, the Supernatural, and the Maintenance of Professional Boundaries
Refurbishment to Postgraduate Arts Research Centre   View Summary
8 May 2014
Refurbishment to Postgraduate Arts Research CentreThe Faculty's Postgraduate Arts Research Centre recently underwent extensive refurbishment in order to improve the space for the Faculty's postgraduate research students.
Subject specialist chosen for Australian Curriculum Review   View Summary
7 May 2014
Professor Barry SpurrProfessor Barry Spurr has been selected as a specialist in literature for the Australian Curriculum Review as the country moves towards a controversial national curriculum.
Professor blazes trail with political science honour   View Summary
6 May 2014
Professor Pippa Norris is the winner of the 2014 Karl Deutsch Award.Professor Pippa Norris is the 2014 winner of the Karl Deutsch Award, a prestigious prize awarded once every three years by the International Political Science Association (IPSA).
Special new collaboration with the Cervantes Institute and the Spanish Government   View Summary
2 May 2014
Cervantes InstituteThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney has entered into a special new collaboration with the Cervantes Institute and Spanish Government, to offer Spanish language training to school teachers.
April 2014
The International Quidditch Association (IQA) World Cup   View Summary
28 April 2014
The International Quidditch Association (IQA) World CupBachelor of Arts (Media & Communications) student, Alexander Enrico filed this report on the University of Sydney Team's performance at the 7th annual International Quidditch Association (IQA) World Cup.
Global Voices Exchange: Nicola Bauman part of delegation to Paris OECD Forum   View Summary
16 April 2014
Global Voices Exchange: Nicola Bauman part of delegation to Paris OECD ForumThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences would like to congratulate BA Honours student, Nicola Bauman on being selected for the Global Voices delegation to the OECD Forum in Paris during May.
School of Economics consolidates world-class position with addition of disciplines   View Summary
14 April 2014
AgricultureTo equip Australia to better respond to challenges in agriculture, resources, energy and commodity pricing, the University of Sydney's disciplines of Agriculture Economics and Resource Economics (ARE) will join the School of Economics.
University of Sydney continues proud partnership with Sydney Film Festival   View Summary
14 April 2014
The Sydney Film Festival at the State Theatre.The University of Sydney is pleased to announce it is continuing its cultural partnership with the Sydney Film Festival in 2014.
'Rebalancing' human rights? They don't belong to the left or the right    View Summary
10 April 2014
Free speech is a fundamental human right, but it cannot be absolute. Photo: AAP/Howard JonesThe debate over the need for "rebalancing" of the Australian Human Rights Commission raises fascinating questions about the nature of human rights as a public ideal.
Groundbreaking research highlights little support for shark culling   View Summary
9 April 2014
Dr Christopher NeffIn the wake of yet another fatal shark bite in Australia, groundbreaking new research released today found little support for the Government on the issue of culling sharks who have been responsible for causing injuries or death to swimmers.
Peter Rose delivers master class for postgraduate research students   View Summary
8 April 2014
Peter RoseEditor of Australian Book Review, Peter Rose, recently delivered a master class to postgraduate research students, drawing on his deep experience in writing, editing and publishing.
Remembering Rwanda, 20 Years On   View Summary
8 April 2014
A monument to victims of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.The University of Sydney will host the Rwandan community of New South Wales on Thursday as it partakes in a global commemoration to mark 20 years since the genocide against the Tutsi.
Special consideration system outage   View Summary
7 April 2014
Online special consideration system currently experiencing difficulties
Sydney Writers' Festival announces 2014 program   View Summary
4 April 2014
Sydney Writers' Festival in Walsh BayThe University of Sydney is bringing bold and bright ideas to the 2014 Sydney Writers' Festival, with members of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences featuring right across this year's program.
March 2014
Faculty continues enhancement of its facilities   View Summary
31 March 2014
Brennan MacCallumThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is continuing the enhancement of its facilities with the Brennan MacCallum building the latest site to receive an upgrade.
2013/14 Media and Communications International Fellows   View Summary
28 March 2014
Kate BolsterFinal year Media and Communications students, Kate Bolster and Robert North share their experiences working as interns in South Korea.
The Scientific War: Universities and the First World War   View Summary
27 March 2014
AdamsA symposium, War and Peace: Universities and the First World War, to be held at The University of Sydney on the 28th March, will delve into Australian universities' contribution to the first global conflict,
Social Justice Fellows to break down barriers for society's most vulnerable   View Summary
18 March 2014
Social Justice Fellows to break down barriers for society's most vulnerableWhat can frontline social justice workers learn from academics and vice versa? And how can government policy better serve the most vulnerable people in our communities?
Why ancient spin doctors hit a wall   View Summary
11 March 2014
Why ancient spin doctors hit a wallCONTEMPORARY notions of propaganda evoke modern-day North Korea or Nazi Germany, but attempts by the powerful to influence the minds of every day people have been around since ancient times.
Social Justice Fellows to break down barriers for society's most vulnerable   View Summary
7 March 2014
The 2014 Fellows: (Left to right) Solange Frost, Rivkah Nissim and Edwina Pickering will bring diverWhat can frontline social justice workers learn from academics and vice versa? And how can government policy better serve the most vulnerable people in our communities?
MECO savours Woolley Building revamp   View Summary
6 March 2014
The $1.8m Woolley Building renovationThe $1.8m Woolley Building renovation has been completed, and its occupants could not be happier with the facelift.
The Academy Awards and racial diversity - what are the odds?   View Summary
5 March 2014
The Academy Awards and racial diversity – what are the odds?Oscars nominations and winners this year offered an unparalleled level of racial diversity, writes Dr Helen Young.
Faculty expanding Sydney Writers' Festival sponsorship in 2014   View Summary
3 March 2014
Alexander McCall Smith and Elizabeth GilbertThe University of Sydney is giving bookworms a teaser of this year's partnership with the Sydney Writers' Festival, with two special off-season events featuring best-selling authors Alexander McCall Smith and Elizabeth Gilbert.
February 2014
The risks of flawed and failed elections worldwide   View Summary
28 February 2014
Professor Pippa NorrisIn many countries, polling day ends with disputes about ballot-box fraud, corruption, and flawed registers. Which claims are accurate? And which are false complaints from sore losers?
QS World University Rankings 2013/2014   View Summary
28 February 2014
QS World University Rankings 2013/2014The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences featured prominently in the the new QS world rankings by subject.
In simple everyday foreign languages, unis get it   View Summary
10 February 2014
foreign languagesTwo universities are putting rivalry aside to save foreign language programs.
Secrecy, Law and Society   View Summary
5 February 2014
Secrecy, Law and SocietyThis two-day workshop will examine how a 'culture of security' ushered in after 11 September 2001 has involved exceptional legal measures and increased recourse to secrecy on the basis of protecting public safety and national security.
The Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program   View Summary
3 February 2014
Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange ProgramThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is well represented in this year's Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program.
January 2014
Future Leaders Scholarship Scheme   View Summary
31 January 2014
Future Leaders Scholarship SchemeThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is excited to announce a new scholarship, aimed at students with potential to contribute to society. The Future Leaders Scholarship Scheme is being introduced in time for the start of semester 1 2014.
Forecasting to prevent mass atrocity   View Summary
10 January 2014
Africa crisisAs the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) worsens, researchers from the Atrocity Forecasting Project argue that models for predicting genocide and politicide could help prevent these instances of mass violence.