Surveillance and/in Everyday Life: Monitoring Pasts, Presents and Futures

20 February 2012 to 21 February 2012

This two-day international conference being held at the University of Sydney will feature some of the world's leading figures in the field of risk and surveillance studies, including Professor David Lyon, Professor Pat O'Malley, Professor Kevin Haggerty, Dr Hille Koskela and Dr Deborah Lupton. It will also include prominent representatives from the surveillance industry, the legal system, social policy circles and the media.

The group has already received 80 papers from local, national and international scholars, graduate students, artists and activists, and the event is expected to attract around 200 delegates. It is hoped that the conference will position the University and the group at the forefront of innovative surveillance studies scholarship and engage both the local community and policymakers in key surveillance processes, issues, controversies and thematics.

Members of the media have already expressed an interest in documenting the event, and it is hoped that the assemblage of diverse actors will lead to some exciting synergies, collaborations, networks and opportunities.

The conference will feature a plenary roundtable, which will enable the group to showcase its research expertise and activities and identify areas for scholarly, community, industry and policy collaboration.

Time: tbc

Location: New Law School Building

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