$50000 Major Equipment Grant - Wave-Current-Wind Flume

30 August 2005

Tim Finnigan
Tim Finnigan

New Senior Lecturer, Dr Tim Finnigan, has just been awarded a $50000 major equipment grant

The Wind-Current-Wave Flume facility will provide opportunities to build on successful external research funding in ocean/coastal engineering, wind engineering and hydrodynamics and to tap new sources of public and private funding for strategic applied research in areas related to coastal desalination infrastructure and renewable energy. It will become a key facility for research and teaching in the Faculty of Engineering and the wider University. Due to its unique features, it will support a wide network of research collaboration, both interdepartmental and cross-faculty, as well as internationally.

The proposed facility has the unique capability to physically simulate, and combine, the effects of waves, currents and wind in a controlled manner. There is no other facility in the world that achieves this. The Fluids Lab in the Department of Civil Engineering has a fortuitous layout, with a wind tunnel located on a second-level mezzanine and an open floor space located directly below. The 30m flume is proposed to occupy the lower floor space, such that wind flow can be re-directed across the water surface of the flume. This presents a unique opportunity to capitalise on existing infrastructure to create a unique world-class research facility.