$788, 000 Discovery Grant to David Airey and John Carter

9 November 2005

David Airey
David Airey

The Department congratulates John Carter and David Airey for their successful ARC grant entitled Mechanics of dynamic loading and rapid penetration of soils.

The allocated funding is
2006 : $208,000
2007 : $160,000
2008 : $180,000
2009 : $140,000
2010 : $100,000

The project will produce improved understanding and new numerical tools that will permit cost effective simulation and modelling of rapid penetration of objects into the ground, and of the compaction processes used on the majority of construction sites. The free fall penetrometer will be developed to enable soil strength to be determined at remote sites, e.g. ocean seabed, jungles, swamps. The project will also assist in the selection of compaction equipment and procedures.