Strange Picnic goes a long way

9 August 2013

Last year, Kogarah Intensive English Centre (IEC) created an animation project titled the Strange Picnic, which was part of Compass Stop Motion Animation program. Since then, the epic production has been featured in the 2013 Calendar for Cultural Diversity produced by NSW Department of Education and Communities and also used by a Primary school in the Wingham region as a student resource.

As Wingham Brush Public School's Assistant Principal reported, the school used the 'Strange Picnic' animation as motivation for the school's Open Day activity. Every class in the school from Kindergarten to Year 6 (approx. 230 students) and their parents watched the animation. The students also wrote about the film in the week leading up to Education week. During the school Open Day, everyone re-created their version of strange picnic out of playdough.

Compass is very delighted to hear the news and would like to congratulate students and staff at Kogarah IEC. Special Congratulations to Martin McEwen and 2012 Junior Exit Class who worked tirelessly last year to create the animation. Also to Jack McGrath who facilitated the Stop Animation program on behalf of Compass.

At Kogarah IEC, newly arrived students from overseas learn the English they need before transitioning to a mainstream Australian High School. The IEC and Compass partnership started in 2010 and continues to strengthen its relationship through programs such as Homework Club, Film Production and Editing and campus connected activities.

Click here to watch the Strange Picnic animation.