Artist Shen Mo talk at Kerrie Lowe Gallery

20 July 2011

Date & Time: Wednesday 20th July, 6:00pm
Venue: Kerrie Lowe Gallery 49 - 51 King St, Newtown
Language: Mandarin Chinese with English translation
Cost: Free

Australian Chinese Artist Shen Mo will delivered a talk on his artwork at Kerrie Lowe Gallery in conjunction with his exhibition Ink Flows on Rice Paper.

Shen Mo is a landscape artist and has exhibited internationally. He graduated from the Artistic School of Nanjing, majoring in traditional Chinese painting in 1980 and is ranked as a 1st Class National Artist in China. He is also Dean of the South - Yangtze River Painting School. He immigrated to Australia in the early 90's and has held many exhibitions of his work over the years since, in many countries. These include Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, France, USA and Taiwan. Four books have been published of his works.

Shen Mo's works show the scenery from the water villages of the south Yangtze river area using his unique style. He aims to present nature and beauty in his work as a contrast to the surroundings of modern day cities. He says, "When I wake every morning my eyes are confronted by new buildings, new highways, new fashion; new technology is changing our lives but something is missing. I cast around in my memory for remote and peaceful places and these are what I represent in my work. Ink flows on rice paper to form the texture of nature, colour depicts shade and describes the variety of light. A vivid and endless panorama of nature is presented."