Chinese Women's Art in the Context of Contemporary Culture

8 August 2011

Co-presented by the Confucius Institute and the Department of Art History & Film Studies

Chinese art scholar Xu Hong spoke on the current state of post 1990's women's art in China. Xu Hong is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing and previously worked at the Shanghai Museum. She has a reputation as a very well-informed and wide-ranging contemporary art historian and has long published on women's issues in art. She has also been curator and key organiser for art exhibitions in China, the United States and Europe.

The key themes of her lecture were:

  • Issues Relating to Women in Contemporary Chinese Society
  • The Cultural Significance of Chinese Contemporary Women's Art
  • The Formation and Characteristics of Chinese Contemporary Women's Art
  • New Trends in Chinese Women's Art

Xu Hong's Recent Publications and Articles

Echo of Thinking,2010,coauthored,Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House
Lin Fengmian and Historical Experience of Chinese Fine Arts,article,2010
Transformation of Characterizing Peasant in Chinese Art History in 60 years,article,2009
Conversation: History and Historic Painting,article,2009
Turner's Painting,article,2009
Spiritual Landscapes:A Journey through German Art(From Friedrich to Richter) ,article,2008
The Complete Works of Wu Guanzhong,2007,coauthored,Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House

Recent Exhibitions

"Passing Through the Horizon---Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition", San Diego in 2010
"Turner From The Tate Collection" Beijing in 2009
"Speak•Describe" cross-strait contemporary art exhibition in China in 2009
"Prism---Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition" hold in Vienna in 2005