Play On The Beach - Artist Guan Wei

16 October 2011

Guan Wei, Play on the Beach No.12, 2011
Guan Wei, Play on the Beach No.12, 2011

The University of Sydney Confucius Institute and Martin Browne Contemporary Gallery hosted a talk by one of Australia's premier contemporary artists - Guan Wei. The talk coincided with Guan Wei's latest solo exhibition Play on the Beach at Martin Browne Contemporary Gallery, to be opened by Oscar award winning actress Cate Blanchett on the 12th of October.

A Sydney resident for nearly 20 years, Guan Wei returned to Beijing in 2008. Troubled by Beijing's increasing social problems, environmental pollution, large-scale urban migration and materialism, he returned to his Sydney studio earlier this year and embarked on a series of paintings of the Australian beach with its warm sunshine, floating clouds and strange inhabitants.

In Play on the Beach, Guan Wei brings his voluptuous pink figures, stylised clouds and Australian native plants and animals to the beach setting. This talk is an excellent opportunity to hear Guan Wei elaborate on the creative ideas behind his new artworks.

Guan Wei in the Sydney Morning Herald