The Confucius Institute is reviving traditional Chinese music

24 June 2013

Jin Wei Gu Qin Concert, Live in Sydney

Sydney, get ready to be serenaded to the beautiful and melodic sounds of the Gu Qin performed by maestro Jin Wei at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on 28th July.

Presented by the Confucius Institute in partnership with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

The Gu Qin is a traditional Chinese instrument that was popular with scholars and literati as an instrument of great subtlety and refinement. It was widely associated with the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius and sometimes referred to as 'the father of Chinese music' or 'the instrument of the sages'.

From a very young age Jin Wei started learning the Gu Qin, Chinese calligraphy and painting. Today, he is internationally recognised as a world authority and master of the Gu Qin and an expert Chinese calligrapher and painter.

The Jin Wei Gu Qin concert will be the second concert hosted by the Confucius Institute. In 2011, Jin Wei received an overwhelming response from the audience in Sydney who especially commented on his beautiful song recitals. This year, on special request Jin Wei will sing several traditional Chinese songs accompanied to the melodious sound of the Gu Qin.

In the spirit of all things traditional, the Confucius Institute invites Chinese music lovers to enliven the concert atmosphere by dressing up in their favourite oriental attire.

Date: Sunday 28 July 2.00pm
Venue: Music Workshop, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Cost: FREE event but seats are limited, RSVP is essential.
RSVP: Click here