Director of the Confucius Institute gives lecture about Chinese business practices

9 June 2010

Professor Hans Hendrischke, Director of the University of Sydney Confucius Institute, is invited by the Australian Chamber of Commerce to give a lecture: The Invisible Chinese Economy -Business behind the Fa├žade, in Shanghai on Wednesday 9 June 2010.

In the lecture, Professor Hendrischke seeks to explore the challenges facing expatriated Australians working in China and provide an insight into Chinese business practices and networks. The lecture will uncover Chinese business systems from a Chinese viewpoint.

Professor Hendrischke is an expert in Chinese Political Economy who lived in China at late 70's working for the diplomatic service and finance industry. Currently the Director of the University of Sydney Confucius Institute, Professor Hendrischke has previously headed the Centre for Chinese Political Economy at Macquarie University and was the Head of School at the University of New South Wales. His research and publications cover emerging entrepreneurship and local governance.