New Chinese classes open at all levels

20 February 2012

The new Basic Chinese language program offered by the Centre for Continuing Education and the Confucius Institute includes classes for beginners and for people with background knowledge of Chinese language. Courses are offered in intensive mode (2 x 2 hours per week) and standard mode(1 x 2 hours per week).

There are three easy ways to know where you fit in.
Count the vocabulary items in your previous text book and convert to the following level.

Up to 165 items:  intensive level 101 or standard 1011/1012
up to 350 items:  intensive level 102 or standard 1021/1022
up to 525 items: intensive level 103 or standard 1031/1032
up to 700 items: intensive level 104 or standard 1041/1042
up to 875 items: intensive level 201 or standard 2011/2012
up to 1050 items: intensive level 202 or standard 2021/2022
up to 1250 items: intensive level 203 or standard 2031/2032
up to 1450 items: intensive level 204 or standard 2041/2042

Alternatively, visit the Integrated Chinese text book website at and check what level is closest to your current proficiency.

You can enrol in your level online here.

If this does not work, ring Stefan Manidis (9114 0760) or fill out our course enquiry form to contact our Chinese language coordinator Xi Ping Chen. She will get in touch with you to give you specific advice.