Free: Chinese Culture Trial Classes

28 May 2012

Tai Ji is a Chinese martial art and one of the world's most popular forms of exercise. Using the ancient Chinese principles of Yin and Yang, Tai Ji unites mental concentration and slow movements that focus the mind and promote positive flowing energy. The Institute has been running Tai Ji course since 2010. Over 300 people have attended our Tai Ji Courses or workshops. Students often comment that Tai Ji refreshes them after a hard day of work and study and they look forward to their weekly classes. In this one hour workshop, you'll experience the basic Tai Ji movement and forms.

The Chinese Martial Arts Trial Class is designed for people who wish to develop their knowledge of Chinese martial arts and experience the basic Kung Fu movements. Our teacher Richard Niu began martial arts training at a very early age. He holds a Master's degree in Chinese Martial Arts and has won several international championships; he was once voted "People's Choice" performer in an internationally televised martial arts competition. The workshop will be limited to only a small group.

As well as our popular Chinese Martial Arts courses, the Institute also runs highly regarded courses in Chinese Calligraphy and Traditional Painting. The teacher of these two courses, Josie Gao, has trained with well-known masters from her early youth and has won several calligraphy and painting awards. All of our culture courses are carefully designed and are taught through step-by-step instruction of every action. In a recent Student Survey, students highly rated all our courses. If you are fascinated by Chinese Martial Arts, or if you would like to try your hand at Chinese Calligraphy or Painting, please come to our free trial classes!

Trial classes dates:
Chinese Martial Arts Class: Sun 1 July 10am - 11am
Chinese Calligraphy: Sun 1 July 10am-11am
Chinese Painting: Sun 1 July 11am-12pm
Venue: Room 208, Old Teachers College, Manning Road, the University of Sydney

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