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November 2009
Building Global Cities:Shanghai and Sydney   View Summary
18 November 2009
The Confucius Institute and the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning will present an international symposium on Building Global Cities: Shanghai and Sydney on Thursday 19 November.
October 2009
Free Teaching Materials   View Summary
26 October 2009
textbookThe Confucius Institute has some free teaching materials that we are giving away. You can order them through our website and we will organise postage in Australia.
September 2009
Public lecture: Women along the Silk Road - Images from the murals of Dunhuang   View Summary
8 September 2009
At this free public talk, Dr Lily Lee will provide an insight into the everyday life of actual women along the Silk Road, depicted in artworks and archaeological findings.
August 2009
   View Summary
24 August 2009
Confucius Institute Celebrates First Anniversary   View Summary
5 August 2009
On 24 July, the Confucius Institute celebrated its first anniversary with a special event attended by government and cultural institution representatives, University staff and students, media and members of the Chinese community.
May 2009
Enrol Now - Chinese for Beginners   View Summary
20 May 2009
The Chinese for Beginners course is designed for people, who have no prior knowledge of Chinese. The Confucius Institute ensures that students will gain familiarity and confidence in using Chinese.
Happy living with Tai Chi   View Summary
6 May 2009
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art. Come experience Chinese medicine Qi healing with the University of Sydney Confucius Institute's Tai Chi class.
March 2009
Chinese writers' Discussion Forum   View Summary
30 March 2009
In this discussion forum, four influential Chinese contemporary writers will discuss some of the key issues in Chinese contemporary literature.
February 2009
To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Confucius Institute presents Feng Shui Talk   View Summary
11 February 2009
Ever wanted to know the truth behind the ancient Chinese art of Feng shui? Dr Michael Paton will explain the foundations of this influential Chinese cultural practice.
Zhou Zuoren in the History of Modern Chinese Literature   View Summary
10 February 2009
In this lecture, Professor Gao Yuanbao will introduce the influence of Zhou Zuoren in the history of modern Chinese literature.
Learn to speak Chinese at the Confucius Institute   View Summary
4 February 2009
Have you ever wanted to learn Mandarin? The Confucius Institute's 'Mandarin for Beginners' course, starting on Wednesday 25 February is now taking enrolments.