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  • Introducing our 2018 Noel Martin Visiting Chair[11 January 2018]

    2018 noel martin visiting chair

    Last year, the Faculty of Dentistry established the Noel Martin Visiting Chair, a new academic position in dentistry. This year, the Noel Martin Visiting Chair appointee is Professor Sudarat Kiat-amnuay from the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston. More

  • 6 things we discovered about studying oral health[7 December 2017]

    15 questions with Bachelor of Oral Health student

    Walking through Sydney Dental School Westmead Clinic, we asked Bachelor of Oral Health student, Andrew Somerville, 15 questions about studying oral health at the University of Sydney. More

  • Strengthening oral health in the elderly[1 December 2017]

    oral health function in the elderly

    In late October 2017, Professor Chris Peck was invited to attend a global health forum in Taipei to discuss oral function in the elderly. More

  • Sydney researcher Heiko Spallek contributes to US research to reduce opioid use in dental care[21 November 2017]

    Professor Heiko Spallek

    Professor Heiko Spallek will contribute his expertise in health information technology and system workflow mapping to inform the development of the CDS for US research project that is funded with USD 2,9 million. More

  • Oral health students make a difference in aged care facilities[17 November 2017]

    Bachelor of Oral Health students conducting oral health program

    High percentages of residents living in aged care facilities are dependent on the care of staff for their oral health. Our Bachelor of Oral Health students conducted several tailored oral health promotion programs within aged care centres in rural and regional NSW. More

  • Five ways to prepare your child for the dentist[17 November 2017]

    Chiildren visiting the dentist

    The University of Sydney's Dr Carrie Tsai explains the importance of children visiting the dentist regularly and how parents can prepare their child for the trip. More

  • Vale Professor Mark Jolly, AM[9 November 2017]

    Professor Mark Jolly

    Professor Mark Jolly had such a profound influence on our lives and careers. Professor Jolly was a softly spoken visionary. He provided strong, robust and stable leadership to the University of Sydney Dental Faculty Department of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery, as McCaughey Professor of Oral Surgery from 1965 until 1988, ably supported by GCS, NHHS and LPO. More

  • Students teach primary school children oral health skills[27 October 2017]

    Students teach oral health skills

    Bachelor of Oral Health students taught public school children dental hygiene skills and provided oral health screenings as part of the Carevan Sun Smiles program. More

  • Research in Dentistry at the University of Sydney[25 October 2017]

    Dentistry Research at the University of Sydney

    Dentistry research at the University of Sydney is focused on lifespan oral health. We are delivering advances in treatment, improving our understanding of the complex mechanisms that cause disease and driving improved outcomes across Australia and around the world. More

  • Wonder women of STEMM[25 October 2017]

    Women in STEMM

    National Science Week, this year held from 12 to 20 August, aims to encourage an interest in science among the general public. In celebration of this year's event, the University profiled some of its leading female academics from across the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, medicine and mathematics)fields. More

  • Faculty of Dentistry acquires DIAGNOcam technology[25 October 2017]


    From next year, Doctor of Dental Medicine students will have access to the DIAGNOcam diagnostic tool in the cariology clinic. More

  • Evelyn Howe, psychologist made dental visit less painful[19 October 2017]

    Evelyn Howe

    Evelyn Howe is a clinical psychologist, dental psychology pioneer and the first woman to earn a dental PhD in Sydney. Howe shined bright with wit, humour and kindness, but it's her serious work that enlightened the future most. Find out about the struggle and progress of women to gain full participation and recognition. More