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  • Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Sarah Wang receives the ADRF Student Grant[11 August 2017]

    Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Sarah Wang

    University of Sydney Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Sarah Wang, has won the Australian Dental Research Foundation Student Research Grant (ADRF) for 2017 - 2018. More

  • Oral health advice from our dental experts [2 August 2017]

    Dental Health Week

    To celebrate Dental Health Week, we asked our dental experts what advice they have for keeping a healthy mouth. From brushing and flossing techniques to what you should, and shouldn't eat, find out what they recommend. More

  • Biting and chewing forces tooth growth[20 July 2017]

    Biting and chewing

    University of Sydney researchers have found chewing and biting to be the cause of adult teeth breaking through the gums rather than an innate, unknown force. More

  • 3D printing may revolutionise root canal therapy[15 June 2017]

    root canal therapy

    University dentistry researchers have created 3D-printed artificial blood vessels that could revolutionize root canal therapy to help people retain fully functioning teeth. More

  • The future of dental professionalism in Australia[9 June 2017]

    dental professionalism

    What are the future challenges that the dental profession in Australia faces? Find out as Dr Alexander Holden shares his thoughts. More

  • The future of academic collaboration[26 May 2017]

    future of academic collaboration

    These days, people are more connected than ever before. This is true in private life as well as in the workplace where technology facilitates cross-departmental communication, regardless of geographical location. However, cooperation between academics is often limited for a variety of reasons. Dr Heiko Spallek discusses this. More

  • Dr Daniel Tan receives the Judith and Dr Mario Adamo Implant Innovation Scholarship[23 May 2017]

    Judith and Dr Mario Adamo Implant Innovation Scholarship

    We interviewed Dr Daniel Tan, prosthodontic registrar and winner of the first Judith and Dr Mario Adamo Implant Innovation Scholarship in 2016. More

  • University alumni welcome students to Dubbo[16 May 2017]

    dentistry alumni dubbo

    Dentistry students doing their rural placements in Dubbo were hosted at a 'welcome dinner' this month by University of Sydney alumni and husband and wife team, Dr Antonia Lalousis and Dr Amjad Aghdaei. More

  • Beyond the gut: exploring the microbiome[26 April 2017]

    Dr Christina Adler

    Find out about Dr Christina Adler's research focusing on understanding how the oral microbiome evolves from a state of health to the current state of highly prevalent chronic infection and disease. More

  • Dentistry research at the frontline of tobacco intervention[21 April 2017]

    Dentistry research: tobaco intervention

    Professor Heiko Spallek, Pro-Dean of Dentistry and Dr Brad Rindal, Associate Dental Director for Research at HealthPartners Institute, Minnesota are conducting a clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) to improve dental provider delivery of SBIRTs. More

  • Discover the Bachelor of Oral Health with Rachel Williams[21 April 2017]

    Rachel Williams

    Before beginning the Bachelor of Oral Health degree, current student Rachel Williams worked in rural NSW as a dental assistant for Amajun Aboriginal Health Service. Read what led her to study at Sydney and her experience so far. More

  • Joining the dots with Juliano Morimoto[20 April 2017]

    Photo: Juliano Morimoto

    Juliano Morimoto is a postdoctoral research associate at the Charles Perkins Centre Oral and Systemic Health Research Node. We spoke with him to find out how he is working with scholars from a range of disciplines to explore the interconnectedness of our environment, our food and our health. More