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  • Charles Perkins Centre Westmead Launch[25 May 2016]

    Joerg Eberhard

    On 24 May, Chair of Lifespan Oral Health at the University, Joerg Eberhard, presented at the Charles Perkins Centre Westwead launch about the mission of his team in easing the global burden of rising health related conditions through increased oral health. More

  • Government's subsidised dental care plan cautiously welcomed[28 April 2016]

    Dental care

    The University of Sydney's Dean of Dentistry, Professor Chris Peck has cautiously welcomed the federal government's plan to spend $5 billion over four years subsidising a public dental scheme it hopes will provide treatment to more than 10 million people. More

  • Wakil donation to transform approach to health care [21 April 2016]

    Susan and Isaac Wakil

    The University of Sydney has received a $35 million gift from the Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation. In 2015 the Wakils gave an unprecedented $10.8 million to Sydney Nursing School to establish 12 annual nursing scholarships, bringing their total University giving to nearly $46 million. More

  • Cutting the risk of chronic diseases through better oral health[18 April 2016]

    Professor Jöerg Eberhard

    The University of Sydney's newly appointed Chair of Lifespan Oral Health, Professor Jöerg Eberhard has set his sights on establishing a world-class research centre dedicated to improving oral health and unraveling connections between poor oral health and major health issues such as heart attacks, stroke, vascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and poor outcomes in pregnancy. More

  • Celebrating Excellence in the Faculty-Student Awards[22 March 2016]


    On Friday 4 March 2016 the Dean, Professor Chris Peck, welcomed award winners, prize recipients and their families, donors and guests at the 2016 Faculty of Dentistry's Prize Giving Ceremony. More

  • Professor Heiko Spallek - Pro Dean[17 March 2016]


    Recently welcomed as Pro Dean in the Faculty of Dentistry, Professor Heiko Spallek has 'hit the ground running' in his specialty of dental informatics. More

  • 'No-drill' dentistry stops tooth decay, says research[9 December 2015]

    No Drill

    A University of Sydney study has revealed that tooth decay (dental caries) can be stopped, reversed, and prevented without the need for the traditional 'fill and drill' approach that has dominated dental care for decades. More

  • Gift empowers research linking oral health and chronic diseases[17 November 2015]

    Professor Chris Peck, Dean of Dentistry with Dr Alex Abrahams, alumnus and philanthropist

    A $3.6 million donation to the University of Sydney has been the stimulus for a bold plan to establish a $20 million world-class research centre spearheading research, policy, advocacy and education initiatives to prevent and reduce chronic diseases caused by poor oral health. More

  • Alumni Dental Museum launched at Westmead Oral Health Centre[6 November 2015]

    Professor Chris Peck and Dr Josephine Kenny, Director, Oral Health at Westmead

    Professor Chris Peck recently hosted an important thank you event and opening of the revitalised Dental Alumni Society Museum at the Westmead Oral Health Centre. More

  • Poche Oral Health Initiative wins higher education award[2 November 2015]

    Inaugural Awards

    The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health's mobile oral health service won the Community Engagement category of the inaugural Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards. More

  • New technology advances Dentistry students practice[28 October 2015]

    SimMan Image

    The Faculty of Dentistry recently received funding from the Dental Council of NSW to purchase SimMan 3G, an advanced patient simulator manikin that can display neurological and physiological symptoms. More

  • Original dental chair from early 21st century donated to faculty museum[15 September 2015]

    Dental Chair

    The Alumni Dental Museum in Westmead has recently acquired a 'Ritter Dental Chair and Tower Unit c.1915-1919', donated by Dr. Jerry Schwartz. More