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  • Evelyn Howe, psychologist made dental visit less painful[19 October 2017]

    Evelyn Howe

    Evelyn Howe is a clinical psychologist, dental psychology pioneer and the first woman to earn a dental PhD in Sydney. Howe shined bright with wit, humour and kindness, but it's her serious work that enlightened the future most. Find out about the struggle and progress of women to gain full participation and recognition. More

  • Conference takeaways from our academics[17 October 2017]

    Conference takeaways

    There are many benefits to attending industry conferences. They are an important way to remain active within the dental industry, to network with other professionals and organisations and to stay up to date with the latest research and trends within the field of dentistry. More

  • Celebrating 70 years of dentistry CPD[17 October 2017]

    Continuing Education in Dentistry (CED)

    CED.70, held on 1 - 2 December 2017, is a two-day scientific conference celebrating 70 years of professional development services provided by Continuing Education in Dentistry (CED). More

  • The link between diet and dental health[10 October 2017]

    Dr Steven Lin

    Meet Dr Steven Lin, University of Sydney alumnus, TEDx speaker and author of MindBodyGreen and the upcoming The Dental Diet. Dr Lin is a passionate whole-health advocate with a focus on the link between nutrition and dental health. With his new book due to hit the shelves in January 2018, we spoke to Dr Lin to find out about his work in the dental field and what readers can expect from The Dental Diet. More

  • Society support pays rich dividends for dentistry[4 October 2017]

    rich dividends

    The Australian Society of Orthodontics (ASO) NSW Branch has been a key contributor to dentistry at the University of Sydney, by supporting teaching and research in orthodontics.The success of the discipline and the Chair in Orthodontics at Sydney are directly attributable to the ASO and its members, of which we are very proud. More

  • Why rural placements are invaluable to students [3 October 2017]

    rural placements

    The University encourages rural placements across all its health and medicine programs. More

  • Here's how to Google for a new dentist[1 October 2017]


    Finding a new dentist or therapist online can be confusing, but here's how to make that search easier, according to Dr Alexander Holden. More

  • I study Bachelor of Oral Health - Amy Lo Monaco[26 September 2017]

    I study oral health

    We asked our Bachelor of Oral Health student, Amy for her experience studying at the University of Sydney. More

  • Gift supports 'putting the mouth into health' dentistry research[8 September 2017]

    gift to support 'putting the mouth into health' research

    A generous gift from Henry Schein Halas and NSK will accelerate translational clinical dentistry research to understand the effects of dental treatment on general health, and enable research studies with participants from a wider Australian population. More

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Sarah Wang receives the ADRF Student Grant[11 August 2017]

    Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Sarah Wang

    University of Sydney Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Sarah Wang, has won the Australian Dental Research Foundation Student Research Grant (ADRF) for 2017 - 2018. More

  • Oral health advice from our dental experts [2 August 2017]

    Dental Health Week

    To celebrate Dental Health Week, we asked our dental experts what advice they have for keeping a healthy mouth. From brushing and flossing techniques to what you should, and shouldn't eat, find out what they recommend. More

  • Biting and chewing forces tooth growth[20 July 2017]

    Biting and chewing

    University of Sydney researchers have found chewing and biting to be the cause of adult teeth breaking through the gums rather than an innate, unknown force. More