Success at the IADR Conference for Dr Christina Adler.

10 October 2012

Please join me as I proudly congratulate Christina Adler for receiving the award for the Senior Division of the Australia/NZ/Pacific Division poster presentation at the IADR conference recently held in Fiji.

Christina's research, Fingerprinting the Complex Microbial Populations, reported in the 4th edition of our Faculty newsletter 'Encompass', and particularly her PhD work on ancient DNA from dental calculus was tremendously achieved and promises a great future for this new bright member of our research team.

Christina says 'Being part of the competition was great, and it gave me the opportunity to meet many other early career researchers from the different Dental Schools in the Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific region. It was both a very stimulating experience academically, but also personally enjoyable and a friendly meeting.

Winning this competition provides me with the opportunity to attend the International IADR conference in Seattle next year. This is a great opportunity for me to see what research my peers are doing as part of the competition, and also where dental research is generally advancing.'

Professor Chris Peck

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