Student Clinician Research Program

25 April 2013

Quoting Disha Goyal, BDent 4 Student

"The recent SCADA experience at the 35th Annual Dental Congress held in Melbourne this year was amazing!

The Student Clinician Research Program was held at the 35th Annual Dental Congress in Melbourne. Contestants from various universities from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji came together to present their research papers to respected members of the Australian Dental Association. Having the opportunity to present and interact with elite members of the dental profession was an experience like no other. ADA and Dentsply kindly together with cricketer Max Walker hosted an awards ceremony dinner where we had the opportunity to briefly speak about ourselves and our research project to members of the ADA, Dentsply and students who participated in this program in the past. As a result, we were offered a certificate of participation and a certificate of membership of the International Student Clinician Program- American Dental Association. I thank ADA, Dentsply and University of Sydney for providing me with this platform on which many more amazing opportunities will arise."

Contact: Tracey Bowerman

Phone: 02 9845 7892

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