Hearty praise at the 52nd Annual meeting, Australia, NZ and Oceania division, at the Fiji IADR.

16 October 2012

Final year Bachelor of Dentistry students, Ramesh Harichandran, Amelia Fernandes, Lora Banicevic and Jasmine Aurora competed against winners from all States in Australia, NZ and Oceania, to win the Colgate Travel Grant to present their collaborative research (with A/Professor Wendell Evans, A/Professor Peter Duckmanton and Dr Michelle Heffernan), at the International Association for Dental Research meeting in Seattle Washington, in March 2013.

Their research into direct pulp therapy (pulp-capping) as effective treatment of exposed vital pulp tissue found that a lack of standardisation in treatment criteria meant that there is variation in medicament choice, time elapsed prior to placement of the permanent restoration and timing of review appointments.

With divided opinion in the community among dentists of treatment of exposed teeth - either root canal or pulp-capping, ie, placing medicament over the exposed area to allow the tooth to recover, the research team set out to determine the cumulative survival rate of direct pulp capped permanent teeth treated at the Sydney Dental Hospital between 2005‐2010. Investigating the data available of 280 patients the team concluded that, in 84% of cases, the capping had been unsuccessful, meaning that the tooth continues to die and further treatment was initiated to try to save it. As a result of this study it was concluded that the use of Ledermix® cement as a pulp capping agent needs further review as it was felt to be ineffective and that continued research must be conducted into the use of other materials as a pulp-capping agent.

Ramesh says "It was definitely a fantastic opportunity for us to represent and promote the University of Sydney's Faculty of Dentistry. To receive such a prestigious award was enthralling and we couldn't have been any happier! It was the first time we had won at the ANZ meeting in our division for a little while, so it made it all the more special. We are very much looking forward to representing Sydney University in Seattle."

Please join me in congratulating these bright young academics on excellent research efforts.

Chris Peck

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