IADR E W Borrow Memorial Award - 2013

5 February 2013

Please join me in congratulating Professor Anthony Blinkhorn, who has been honoured with the prestigious 2013 `IADR E W Borrow Memorial Award' for his work on improving the oral health of deprived children over the last ten years.

The criteria for selection was based on the originality of contributions and record of achievement in the field of oral health promotion and on the significance of research carried out on the oral health of children. Basic research, applied clinical research, and clinical investigation.

Professor Blinkhorn's work included randomised controlled trials of fluoride varnish, health promotion and large scale community fluoride toothpaste distribution schemes. Supported by grants from NHMRC, NSW Dental Board and The Centre for Oral Health Strategy New South Wales (NSW Health) he is currently working with a number of Aboriginal Community Organisations to assess the value of a program to reduce early childhood caries.

The Aboriginal prevention program follows on from earlier work which has concentrated on identifying children at high risk of dental caries and then designing and testing simple practical programs to control the problem. The key issue is to focus on the important topical effect of fluoride and link in simple diet advice to reduce sugar consumption between meals. Although the messages are straight forward, their delivery in a suitable format involves considerable "market research" and the use of the findings from the field of health literacy.

The Borrow award seeks to encourage collaboration between different organisations. Professor Blinkhorn fits that policy; he is currently working with the Universities of Newcastle and Wollongong, as well as a number of Local Health Districts in New South Wales. The ultimate aim of his work is to ensure no children suffer the pain and distress caused by dental caries.

Notable recipients of the E W Borrow Memorial Award include Professor A John Spencer 2012 (University of Adelaide), Professor S Twetman 2011 (University of Copenhagen), and Professor J S Wefel 2010 (University of Iowa).

Professor Blinkhorn will receive his award at the 2013 meeting of IADR in Seattle, USA.

Prof Chris Peck, The Dean.

Prof Anthony Blinkhorn
Prof Anthony Blinkhorn

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