Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications now open

23 April 2013

Applicants must have an outstanding track record relative to opportunity in order to be short-listed. Successful applicants are expected to be based full-time at the University for the duration of the Fellowship and must not hold a concurrent paid appointment.

Strong preference will be given to applicants seeking to join the University from another organisation in Australia or from overseas. Applicants must have a PhD award dated no earlier than 1 January 2008. Applicants with a PhD award dated later than 31 December 2012 are extremely unlikely to be competitive and should talk to the host Head of School to assess competitiveness before applying.

Applicants with a PhD awarded by the University of Sydney within the timeframe specified above may apply if they have held a position with another organisation subsequent to the award of their PhD.

Applicants currently employed at the University of Sydney or other affiliated institutions (including but not limited to medical institutes) who commenced such employment after the award of their PhD AND on or after 1 July 2012 are eligible to apply.

More information is available from this link.

Closing date is 31 May 2013.

Contact: Tracey Bowerman

Phone: 02 9845 7892

Email: 1b05395428094c101c1b2d21373219293a150e3a3d2b6b0e0e0f7c2836