Tom Shumack, coach of the Dentistry rugby team, reports on the Friday 6 September rugby.

10 September 2013

"Circling St John's Oval, there is a tense atmosphere as 80 anxious BOH and Dentistry students looked on.

After 8 weeks of Sunday training, all players were itching to get on field, nervously squaring off one last time. The whistle blows - Vet Sciences jogs in. A final squeeze and Dentistry is also ready.

As expected, the first of the three 20-minute thirds is a hard-fought battle.

The 'Vets' put up some aggressive counter-rucking and to quote Dean Peck's words of wisdom during the break, "Dent forwards have to keep the rucks deliberate and tight - '50 microns of leeway'". Vet scores, Dent equalises and the platform is set for an all-time nail-biting match.

The second third sees Dent's back-rower, Joe Saouma, storm through pillar-post defence for a 12-7 lead. Gutsy try-line defence, excellent pick-and-drive attack and Jimmy Nguyen's successful shot stretch the lead to 15-7. With only 5 minutes' play remaining Vet scores and Kyle Green's very, very deliberate kick clears RPA's new Lifehouse Cancer Centre, and a 15-14 victory is declared to Dentistry."

Congratulations to both teams for a thrilling performance and a big thank you to supporters who are expected to return at 7pm for the remaining games of Dent/Pharmacy on 13 September and Dent/Medicine on 20 September, with all matches preceded by Girls Touch at 6.30pm.

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